Sunday, November 6, 2011

12 Weeks

This sure was a long week!  On Monday I took my class on an all day field trip to the Pacific Science Center.  It was awesome, but being on my feet all day made me so tired!  Also, Tony finally came home from Korea!  After work, I immediately headed over to Seattle to Zach's house so that I could see him.  We went trick or treating with Frankie for a little bit, then had a pizza party to celebrate the homecoming.  I'm really glad he's back!
Oh, also, my phone was blowing up all day that day because of this:

Yep, we are officially "out" about our May baby on the way.  Well, by officially, I mean that it's out there on Facebook.  I haven't told my students or their parents yet.  I'm trying to wait as long as possible to tell them, or at least until I have a day where I have my whole class in attendance.  I'd definitely like to wait until after conferences, but I'm kind of looking forward to being out at school so that I don't have to try to find shirts that don't show any belly (it's getting tricky!).

On Wednesday I had my 12 week prenatal check-up.  I was with one of the midwives I'd never met before (Nurse Sharon), and she was wonderful.  She's one of the ones that is leaving the practice, but let it slip that she is going to the new Swedish that is right by my house!  I didn't think they were having midwives, so I definitely need to look into this!  Sharon pulled out the doppler, and...  couldn't find the baby's heart beat.  Of course, I started to freak out.  She got the portable ultrasound and there was Freebie, flipping around and moving up a storm.  Sharon said that all that movement was probably responsible for us not being able to catch the HB.  Phew!  Way to freak me out, baby!

Thursday we went back to Maternal Fetal Medicine to attempt NT scan round 2.  Yes, attempt AGAIN. I think this warrants it's own post, but let's just say that we have the most stubborn baby in the world, and we have to go back for round three on Tuesday.  I couldn't even believe it.

Keith has been pretty amazing.  He has totally been picking up my slack around the house without a complaint at all.  The day of our 2nd failed attempt at the NT scan, I came home and needed to lay down for a while.  I ended up falling asleep.  While sleeping, he decided to deep clean the kitchen, then he completely cleaned out our enormous walk-in pantry!  We've (embarrassingly) been meaning to do this for at least a year...  Oops.  But it is amazing!  And on top of all that, he gave the dog a bath, too.

I wanted to do something to thank him for being so awesome lately while I've been feeling yucky.  After school on Friday, I stopped at the University Bookstore and got him a little present.  Two new UW t-shirts, and an outfit for Freebie (even though I'd prefer our baby wear Ohio State gear...).  He was very surprised, and loved it!  Especially the baby clothes.  They're now hanging in his closet until we clear out the nursery.

Week 12 stats:
How far along: 12 weeks, 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: um, apparently I've gained 5lbs... which was like, 3lbs in one week.  I'm not sure I believe it though, I was wearing heavy boots/jackets when I was on the scale this week.
Maternity clothes?: yes, pants, or regular pants if I feel like dealing with the BeBand
Strech marks?: no
Sleep: has been better this week, out of sheer exhaustion
Best moment this week: hearing the heartbeat at MFM (after not at my check up) and seeing a lot of our stubborn baby.
Movement: baby's still moving like crazy in there, but I can't feel it yet.
Food cravings: French toast & pizza (healthy, yes?)
Gender: who knows?
What I miss: feeling well
Milestones: baby was the size of a plum this week (moving onto peach next week), and now has reflexes.