Thursday, June 28, 2012

Calendar Girl

I won't lie.  I fall victim to trends sometimes.  If I like them. =)  I also spend waaay too much time on the internet, which is where I found this one: monthly onesie photos!  In all honesty though, it's a cute way for me to keep track of Ruby growing up this first year.  Growing up...  *sniff* *sniff*

Anyway...  Since I was still in recovery/survival mode when Ruby was zero months, aka freshly hatched, I didn't make a post.  And she'll be 8 weeks tomorrow, sooooo I better get on the one month, too!

Here's Ruby at zero:

I made her this hat while taking my glucose tolerance test.  She also wore it in the hospital, so I thought it was appropriate for her "zero" pics.

I'm a mean mommy, but this cracks me up!

At zero, Ruby was zero, so she didn't do a whole lot.  But then she just kept on growing, and pretty soon, she was already one month old.

Ruby had her one month well-baby check up on her actual one month birthday.  She was already kind of a pro at going to the pedi, unfortunately, since her whole jaundice episode.  She really enjoyed herself this time, though, peeing all over the exam table, and checking herself out in the mirror.

Ruby was up to a whopping 8lbs. 5oz., and was 21.25 inches long.  Girl has done a lot of growing in one month!!!  Seriously, 2.5 pounds, I can't even believe it.  That bandage on her thigh is from where she got her second Hep B shot...  Yeah, that was bad.  I thought she'd be totally fine, since her blood draws always went ok.  No.  Baby girl screamed the most heartbreaking cries.  It took nursing to calm her down.  Thank goodness they let you do that.  I am NOT looking forward to her two month appointment!

Ruby lost her cord at 7 days old, which meant we were comfortable giving her a real bath (even though they told us at the hospital we could, we started out with sponge baths anyway).  She loves bath time!  It's really cute!  Losing the cord also meant that her cloth diapers fit her a little bit better.  The only times she's been in a disposable was at the hospital.  We are loving the cloth!

This is probably my favorite picture I have of her right now.  Look at that spunk!
She also started imitating us.  Someone told us that if you stick your tongue out, they will copy you.  It's true!  She will do that, and often her "ohhhhh" face.  At one month, Ruby likes sleeping while being held, nursing, being held, getting her diaper changed, being held, going to Starbucks, and being held.  Did I mention she likes being held?  Ruby doesn't like sleeping by herself, being set down, her swing, her play mat, or pacifiers.  She's a girl who knows what she likes.

The obligatory crying pic.
Is it wrong that I kind of hope I get a crying pic at every monthly photo shoot?  I hope not.  She's cute, even with that grouch-face.

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