Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ruby's Birth Story, Part One

***Disclaimer: This is a birth story.  It may contain TMI, and it is VERY long.  Still, this is a time that I personally don't ever want to forget, so I'm not going to leave any details out.  Consider yourself warned!

Tuesday, May 1, I had my 38 week appointment and was sure this baby was never coming out.  I'd found out that she was right occiput transverse - head down, but looking out my left hip.  Shana had given me some exercises to do (that were quite uncomfortable!), so Wednesday after work I set out to do them.  I also did some googling and found an extra exercise to try.  I wanted that girl anterior, darn it!

Thursday morning I woke up as usual.  I showered, and went downstairs for my morning ritual of breakfast/makeup/watch the news/read blogs.  I always get back into my PJs to do this, then come upstairs to decide what to wear.  So I went up to get dressed.  At the top of the stairs, I felt a little gush of wetness.  Um, ew.  I went to the bathroom and took another pair of underwear with me, because it felt like I needed one.  Turns out, I did.  I was a little suspicious, but the end of pregnancy brings a lot of discharge, so I figured that that's what this was (even though it warranted a change of clothes).

I did my daily struggle of what to wear.  Nothing was fitting well anymore and I was so sick of my maternity clothes.  Keith was getting ready to leave.  I told him that he should probably keep his phone close by today because something was off...  I told him what had happened, that I didn't think it was anything, but felt weird.  Then it occurred to me that we'd had tacos the night before, and I'd spent a lot of time in the bathroom.  I asked if he had, and if he'd poisoned the tacos.  The answer was no to both.  Was my body trying to "clean itself out" before labor?  Hmm...  I still wasn't convinced.  We debated whether I should call the midwives.  I didn't really want to because I knew they'd make me come in and get checked.  I decided to go to work and think about it.  Keith told me to pack my hospital bag and take it too (he was annoyed I hadn't packed yet), but I didn't have time, so I only put the diaper bag in the car.

At work, I felt another little gush, smaller than the first.  I still felt... weird.  Laurel came in, so I decided to ask her opinion.  Of course, she told me to call the MWs.  Sigh.  I called, and at first I don't think the receptionist understood me.  Once I explained again (I was feeling so embarrassed that I didn't know if my water broke or not), she told me that they'd call me back.  What?  I wasn't expecting that!  Of course, they called back and said come in.  I asked if I needed to any time soon, and they said yes, like, now.  Crap.  I was hoping I could just stop by after work.

I called up to Chris to tell her that I needed coverage for my classroom.  I started off with, "Don't get excited, because I am sure this is nothing, but..."  I was sure it was nothing.  She was excited.  She told me not to wait, to leave now, and someone would be down shortly.  Before I could leave, I had to tell everyone what was going on.  They were excited.  I was embarrassed.  I grabbed my stuff, and snuck out before any of the parents could see me leaving.

I got to the Center for Women's Health, and went to check in.  I'd been told they'd sneak me into Michelle's schedule.  Of course, I wasn't on it yet, so I practically whispered why I was there.  Of course, the one woman said to the other, "Oh!  She thinks her water broke!"  I wanted to tell them, no I didn't really think that, I didn't really need to be there.  Instead, I sat down and waited for my turn.  I had texted Keith to tell him they wanted me to get checked, and while I was waiting, I was texting him about how stupid I felt.  I was SO embarrassed.  I could even feel my cheeks getting hot as I sat there.  There were a ton of people in the waiting room, so it took a long time.  I was trying to be patient though, because I was busting in without an appointment even.

Finally, Tami, the MW's medical assistant came out to get me.  She had a huge smile on her face, and was excited to see me there.  I admitted to her how silly/embarrassed I felt, and she tried to reassure me that I'd been right to come in, and that it wasn't stupid at all.  She put me into the same room I'd been in two days before for my 38 week appointment, gave me the paper sheet, and told me Michelle would be in soon.

It was an eternity before Michelle came in.  Still, I was taking time out of her day, so I wasn't going to get impatient.  I did wish that I'd been able to wait with my pants on though.  Michelle finally came in, and she was all excited too.  I again admitted how silly I felt.  She also reassured me, and told me she'd do 3 tests.  One was a pH paper test (amniotic fluid would turn it blue), a ferning test, and another that I don't even remember now.  She told me that amniotic fluid looks kind of shiny, so she might be able to tell just looking at me.  She asked if I had any other gushes, and I told her I had when standing after sitting a long time, and going up/down stairs.  She said, "Hmm..." and raised an eyebrow, which I (correctly) assumed meant she thought it may be the real deal.

Well, Michelle took one look, and laughed and said, "Oh yeah.  I don't even need to do 3 tests."  She put the pH paper down there anyway and held it up to show me.  Super blue.  What???  I was stunned.  I was certain that I'd be going back to work feeling sheepish, NOT having a baby that day!  She told me I had two options: 1.) I could walk over to FMC (Family Maternity Center) and start Pitocin, since I wasn't having any contractions, or 2.) I could go home for a while and hope that labor starts on its own, BUT I had to be back at the hospital by 6:00 no matter what because they'd want to monitor me for signs of infection.  It was a no-brainer.  I did not want Pitocin.  I chose option 2.  Michelle told me that that was fine, but she wanted me to have an NST first just to make sure baby was ok.  The clinic was so busy, that she was sending me to FMC to have it done.  She also told me that while Shana was on call over there right now, neither of them were that night.  Dr. Dise would be, and Michelle said that she was as close to a midwife as I could get with the OBs, and that she would let her deliver her own children.  Sigh, ok.  As I was getting dressed, I heard Tami out in the hall, "So...?"  "Oh yeah, she's ruptured," said Michelle.

Down to FMC check-in I went.  I told the lady at the desk why I was there, and I had to sign a consent to treat form.  Then she decided that since I'd be back later for sure, I should just go ahead and sign mine for later, and the one for the baby too.  That was weird.  I got a hospital bracelet, that was weird too, but it listed Shana as my physician, and that put me at ease a little.

They took me to OB triage, and the nurse hooked me up to NST.  She was very sweet, and like always, we passed the test.  I texted Keith to let him know that this was for real, and I'd keep him posted.  I kind of wanted him to come home early just in case contractions started and got crazy real fast.  I had to pee in a cup before leaving.  I went back to my little "room" to get my purse, and as I came out from behind the drape, there was Shana!  She had come in to see me.  She gave me a big hug, and the nurse said, "Well, I didn't know y'all know each other!!!"  It was kind of funny.  Shana reassured me that Dr. Dise was as good as I could get if I couldn't have her or Michelle.  She also told me that she was back on call again at 7:00am, and just maybe I wouldn't have even delivered yet.  After all, it was my first baby.  If not, she said she'd see me later with a baby in my arms.  Talking to her made me feel a lot better.  She told me to go home and rest, stressing that I shouldn't do too much and should save my energy for later.

When I got to my car in the garage, I called school.  Kathie answered, and I told her that it turned out, I wasn't coming back after all.  She was very excited.  I texted Nathan also, to have him spread the word in our building that this was real, I wasn't in labor, but I'd be having a baby in the next 24 hours.

On the way home, I thought it'd be a good idea to fill the car up with gas.  Then I thought I might stop by Fred Meyer.  I really wanted to get the Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple cream, and I hadn't had a chance yet.  And maybe I could get some snacks for labor too!  Yes, I decided this was a great idea.  As I walked in to the store, I started to feel gushing again.  What?  I thought I was pretty much done, as more had come out when Michelle had examined me.  I had no idea how much fluid there really was.  I proceeded to the door and could feel a lot more coming.  Crap.  I had on my long maternity coat, so I started to try to zip it up, but couldn't.  Crap.  I strategically placed my purse in front of my crotch.  Why didn't I turn around?  I was already at the door and didn't want to look like an idiot, turning around and walking back.  Mistake.  Once inside, the fluid kept coming.  I beelined for the bathroom, but it's in the middle of the store!  As fast as I could, I made it in there.

Fluid was POURING out as I shut myself into a stall.  I was trying to figure out how to get my pants off without getting fluid all over the back of them too.  With a quick move, I was soon sitting on the toilet.  The fluid was still coming.  Worse, my pants definitely looked like I'd peed them.  The crotch area was completely soaked.  I texted Keith, "Ah!  I'm trapped in the bathroom in the middle of Fred Meyer with wet pants!"  I didn't know what to do, but I thought it was hilarious.  I sat there a looong time, waiting for the flood to stop.  There was a pad in my purse from the summer before when I'd had my HSG.  I stuck it in my wet clothes, zipped up my jacket and hoped for the best.

It felt gross walking around with wet pants, but luckily my jacket covered me completely.  Because of this, I thought, "Hey!  I can still get the nipple cream!"  The natural food section (where it was) was near the U-Scan, which was near the door, so I hustled over there, grabbed it, bought it, and waddled out to my car.  Phew!

At home, I had an agenda.  I needed to shower and shave my legs for sure.  I also needed to pack my hospital bag.  I decided to do some laundry too.  This all kind of took a while, and I felt bad because I hadn't been resting like Shana had told me to.  I felt restless though.  When would contractions start?  I was getting antsy for Keith to come home too (and to bring my yoga ball from school, I had left it there). He told me that work was keeping him, and I was annoyed.  Screw work!  It's baby day!

Keith made it home around 3:00.  He packed his bag, and Braidy started freaking out, since there was luggage out.  He had called his parents to come get her, and his dad said, "What?  You want us to come there and get her, drop her off at home, and then go back to the hospital???"  Um, no.  No one is coming to the hospital until the baby is born.  His parents did not get this.  I was annoyed.  We decided to call my mom and have her stay with Braidy for the night.  Having dog duty would keep her from coming to the hospital too early, too!

Because it would be rush hour, we set out to leave at 5:00.  I made a bagel sandwich and ate an apple.  Before we left, I took the last ever belly picture.

Off to the hospital we went!  Part two is up next...


  1. I love birth stories! I can't wait to read part two. :)


  2. Thanks Veralynn! I love them too, I lost count of how many I read while pregnant. =)