Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm Still Here...

Long time no post, huh?  Life has been kind of crazy around here at casa de G.  See, a certain little miss just stopped. sleeping. 

Like, she went from 12 hours straight per night, to just a few hours a night.  She wakes up and it is darn near impossible to get her back to sleep.

Ok, sometimes we can get her back to sleep, but put her down?  No, not ever!  The second you put her in her crib, she's back awake and crying.  And I'd be happy to share my bed with her, but she's not down for that either.  We even tried to get the hang of side-lying nursing.  We got the hang of the nursing part, but my hopes of her drifting off and peacefully rolling onto her back so we could all sleep were quickly dashed.

I blame the teeth.  There's definitely two little teeth coming in there on the bottom and they're messing with our lives.  Ruby's sleep got great when she figured out that she liked to suck on her fingers until she was asleep.  Yeah.  She doesn't do that anymore.  Or pacis.  Anything that goes in her mouth goes to the sides, I think those darn teeth are just hurting her.  And it's changed the way she nurses.  I don't know what she's doing to my right nipple, but OW.

So forgive my absence, blog-land.  R also won't nap without me holding her in my arms, so between that and racing to my bed the second I actually get her to sleep in the evening, I have little time for blogging.  Or anything else for that matter.  Sheesh!  The words, "this too shall pass" are definitely my mantra lately!


  1. Oh bless her, Joshua's teething too right now and it's horrible! It got painful for him to nurse on my left side too, I had to re-adjust my latch. Hope she feels better soon!! xxx

    1. Yes! Her latch is totally different now!
      I think she also hit a growth spurt at the same time, so it's just crazy around here. I've been replaying the mantra, "regression in the name of progression" over and over in my head lately!