Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

Phew!  I guess I didn't do any blogging this week, but we did a lot of living, a good amount of crying, and a lot of holding/wearing for naps.  I also, sadly, finished reading all 8 books of the Anne of Green Gables series (mostly while nursing).  I don't know what I'm going to do now!  
Ruby and I also visited another park where I spent much of my childhood.  This one has a large equestrian area and trails for riding.  I spent many hours on horseback there as a kid.  To get there, we drove past my old jr. high, and followed my old bus route to the park - which is interesting because one of the moms we were with used to ride my bus in jr. high and high school (before we could drive), but we never knew each other until now!  And while we were at the park, we found out we were in the same 4-H club for a time!  It's a small small world.

September 30 - October 6

Sunday:  Being my very cute backseat buddy on the way to watch the Seahawks game at a friend's house.  Her new favorite toy.  Monday:  Getting ready to go shopping!  Trying to decide if I see teeth in there...  First time in the jumperoo, she likes it!  Tuesday:  Playing at baby class.  More jumperoo fun.  Killing me with cuteness.  Bedtime and a good book.

Wednesday:  Ruby & Lamar took a ride in the laundry basket.  Looking a little forlorn (but how cute are her crossed ankles?).  Turns out it was a crying day, even in the Beco.  Love those red fall leaves.  Thursday:  Modeling her cat hat, so she could be Toots and Cats.*  Not so sure she wants to be in the stroller at the park...  All wrapped up in her awesome (and super warm, thankfully, it was cold!) blanket  during our picnic.  The park has a petting farm, and this cow mooed the cutest moo at us!  She wore her pony pants, appropriately.

Friday:  Swimming takes it out of her - we live 5min from the pool, but she was already asleep by the time we got home (and she's holding the bunny's other ear and sucking her fingers, cute).  A little bit of milk, and she's out again (this time for an hour, in my arms).  Trying to see her doggie and roll on to her back simultaneously.  This is a video still; she was "talking" up a storm to me, in the cutest voice ever.  Really getting into this jumperoo thing.  Trying to steal Daddy's sandwich.  Saturday:  Last time in those pajamas.  *sniff*  Mama's girl - trying to drink a big mug of coffee!  Another (much needed) hour+ nap in my arms.

* I read somewhere (I think on Pinterest) that if you want to "beatbox", all you have to do is say "boots and cats" over and over.  Well, naturally, since we call Ruby Toots, this evolved into "Toots and cats". Which means we now walk around going, "Toots and cats, Toots and cats, Toots and cats" constantly.  

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