Sunday, February 3, 2013

Calendar Girl - 8 Months

Worst procrastination yet.  She's going to be NINE months tomorrow, and I am just now doing the 8 month post!  But hey, at least I've had the pictures taken for a while....

Ruby's 8th month was a lot of fun.  She has been more interested than ever in playing with her toys (especially blocks), and she's starting to babble more.  She even started to figure out how to actually jump in her jumperoo!  One of her favorite things to do with toys, or just her hands really, is what we call "hulk smash".  She hulk smashes everything she can, including her mommy!

Another funny thing she started doing?  Zombie baby!  I actually think she's trying to kiss us, since we are always all up in her face.  But it's so funny, she will just launch and attack your face with her mouth.  Ahhhhh!  Zombie!!!

She kind of seems like she wants to crawl?  But of course, since she HATES tummy time (still), she looks like she wants to try to crawl from a seated position.  Hello faceplant.  Also, she can stand on her own if she's holding onto something.  She can't get herself to that position, of course, but if I prop her up next to something, I can let go.  The only problem is, she prefers to hold on with one hand.  And sometimes no hands.  And baby girl just isn't quite ready for that yet!

Some less fun things this month?  Bucking bronco diaper changes.  Yeehaw, it is hard to put a diaper on this kid!  She is NOT into it!  This is especially problematic because she has started pooping constantly.  I don't know if this is a solid food thing, or a teething thing, or what, but trust, it is a veritable $h!t storm over here.  

Even less fun than constant poops, are (TMI!) nipple blister.  Yes, that happened.  I thought we were done with that fun nursing stuff, but no.  Something totally wacky happened to her latch this month, and OMG, ow.  Thank goodness I still had some APNO left over from the early days, because this was like, the worst thing ever.  Part of the problem is that we were still swaddling for naps and night (since sleep is still in the toilet), and she nurses differently when swaddled.  

Eating big girl food is going pretty well, though.  She's down to put anything in her mouth, and she is a humongous mooch for our food.  I tried to eat a cookie in front of her (molasses, from Starbucks, sooooo good!), and she flipped out because I would not share it with her.  I guess I need to get on the healthy eating train, because if I have it, she wants it.  Sorry kid, but you're not getting my peanut smothered pad thai.  I can safely eat apricots and avocados in front of her though.  She does not like those.  Avocado has led to vomiting every time.  What kid doesn't like avocado???

I've definitely got a girly girl on my hands.  I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but when she's fussing, a surefire way to get her to calm down is to take her over to her closet.  She likes to reach out and touch all her clothes.  Sheesh.  Also, since this girl is not a homebody, but it's winter, we get out of the house by going to the mall.  She is a good mall shopper, this one.  She likes to people-watch, eat stuff out of my salads, touch the tags on things, and hang out in the Nordstrom nursing lounge.  This I can handle!

All in all, I am loving the little personality that is coming out of my little person.  I feel like we are racing towards her first birthday, and want to scream at her to slow down, but it is also so much fun to see her growing up.  I can't wait to see what the next month brings (especially if it is more sleep!).


  1. Adorable, adorable, adorable :) And now? I am CRAVING a molasses cookie!

    1. Thanks Sara! Now I am, too. Hmmm... there might need to be a trip to Starbucks in our near future..,

  2. I was drawn to your site from Young House Love. This post was a great read as I have a little girl the same age as Ruby. She's into all the same things - loves to grab stuff, everything in her mouth, standing, diaper changes, solid foods...and, she hates her tummy time too and tries to leap forward. It's amazing the little ladies they're becoming.

    1. Isn't it crazy how fast they are growing up?!? Your daughter is a cutie!