Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

Surprise, surprise, I'm doing two weeks at once here (I actually was surprised, though.  Time flies).

In other news, Ruby starts toddler "school" tomorrow, ahhhh!

And in other other news, weathermen are liars.  It was supposed to be sunny and 80 here Friday & Saturday.  It was 65 and cloudy both days, and now the rain is here.  Summer over. =(

September 1-7

Sunday:  Eating breakfast and dancing to Daft Punk (what, you don't do this?).  Hey!  I was blogging!  Monday:  Baby Girl's first ever piggies!  It was the last day of the fair, so we had to take Grandma.  First ride on a pony, she LOVED it!!!  This gal loves to push her stroller.  Tuesday:  Yes, more piggies, I die.  Helping out with our sign at volunteering.  She was pooped, but we had to make the drive back out to the fairgrounds again to pick up my exhibits.

Wednesday:  Ruby was super excited to have her doggie hat back from the Fair - she wore it all morning.  We hit up the Old Navy baby sale for some Fall threads.  Thursday:  Started work on a test pair of bubble shorts during nap time.  This is where she goes when she's hungry, lol.  Friday:  So excited that this shirt finally fits (the grandparents got it in Italy right after we told them we were pregnant)!  The finished shorts - super cute, and too big, boo.  Waving bye-bye to the garbage truck from the toddler park.  Saturday:  Representin', GO BUCKS!  Haha, squishy ol' face.

September 8-14

Sunday:  Seahawks victory dance.  AhhhhCHOO!  Monday:  She loved on this doggie at Target so hard.  I finished her sweater... still can't decide if I like it or not.  Tuesday:  A stinkin' cute outfit.  Eighty degree weather does not deter her from wearing crocheted hats (whilst popping bubbles).  Very first big girl bath - bye bye yellow duck tub!  Wednesday:  It was hot as balls.  We had to make an emergency trip to Lowe's to get a part to fix the toilet, eek!

Thursday:  We soaked up the "last" day of summer with Ruby's first trip to the beach (on Lake Wa).  Getting peeped by a seagull...  These two, I swear.  Ruby took the shells and was running away to hide them in a cup.  Friday:  I found out they only use paper cups at toddler school, so we were gettin' our practice on.  Ruby requested that we take the dog for a walk in the morning, so we threw in some sliding, too.  Love her little face so much.  Saturday:  Speaking of face, this is what she thinks about grocery shopping on a Saturday.  Snacks & Buckeyes.  Haha, how she fell asleep.

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