Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

You guys...  It's September!  Whaaaa?  How did that even happen?

And just as shocking, I'm actually on time with my weekly iPhone photo round-up.  I know.

August 25-31

Sunday:  When we hit the fair, we always buy a baker's dozen to take home with us... yum!   Family time with her grandma, cousin, and auntie!  Ruby was absolutely loving Frankie's playroom.  Monday: Had to check out our new Starbucks in the 'hood.  Ruby loves to play dress up, and this was too funny to be embarrassed about sharing (she's wearing six pairs of underwear and a tank top - and she put them all on herself!).  Somebody likes to streak after bathtime.  Tuesday:  "What the heck, FedEx man, come back and bring me stuff!"  Tongue out = serious concentration while moving that chair...  Someone is obsessed with the oven.  Eek.

Wednesday:  Leaving a dirty cloth diaper at my brother's house = another opportunity to see him!  Ruby and her couz did some serious playing at the park.  A trip to Target earned her a new doggie sticker (and a bunch of other stuff, lucky kid!).  At Dada's last softball game of the season - that bubble really scared her and she wanted nothing to do with him after it popped!  Thursday:  It's tough when you want to blow bubbles, but it's pouring rain.  Not enough naps.  Friday:  Naked reading time.  She is obsessed with her jersey and insisted I helped her put it on (so she could hike the ball?).  Saturday:  Decked out for the Bucks game in this amazing onesie and skirt I made her.  She discovered this huge set of stairs that links our sidewalk to the next street over and is obsessed with climbing it, bare knees and all.

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