Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Month in iPhone Pictures. Whoops.

Holy crapbag.  It's been a month since I've done my weekly ipic roundup.  Also?  I had 291 pictures on my phone that hadn't been uploaded to my computer.  Yikes.

Before I get this mess o pictures started, be warned.  I'm probably going to be just as, if not more, terrible blogger than ever for the next few weeks.  I've decided to participate as a vendor in a craft fair for Ruby's school.  Which means my every spare waking moment is currently being spent crocheting.  Well, except for this moment.  Because I've got to catch up on my daily iphotos...

Ok, turn your clocks back to:

September 15-21

Sunday:  Sewing, sewing.  I feel like if Baby Beast-mode were holding a football in her right hand, this would almost look like a Heisman pose.  Tackling the dog.  Monday:  First day of school!  Checking out her new classroom.  Super wound-up and goofy after an exciting first day.  Tuesday:  Happiness in the form of an iced chai.  Pretty excited about construction in the courtyard.  A happy mail day.

Wednesday:  Um, my kid is crazy.  And she haaaaaaaated the little coin-op rides at the outlet mall!  Thursday:  If she kisses the frog, will it turn into a prince?  The coolest swing ever.  Friday:  Our favorite toy.  Coffee date with Auntie Dawn!  Completely wiped on the stroll home.  Saturday:  Playing the family piano with grandma.  Our neighbors are amazing, and gave Ruby this wagon that their grandkids had outgrown!

September 22-28

Sunday:  Coloring in her menu at breakfast.  This is what happens when you miss naptime...  Monday: Off to school we go!  Trying to return something she pickpocketed from the diaper bag.  Tuesday:  She takes her volunteering seriously, and likes to wear the badge.  That t-shirt kills me (inside the french press it says, "too young for coffee, but still going strong").  This is what happens when I have "help" with the laundry...  Wednesday:  Snack time!  A cheerful hello on our walk.

Thursday:  We found this awesome shirt at Target, and wanted to send a pic to Daddy, but you can't even tell it's neon green.  The face of a girl who woke up from nap with a cold.  Not too sick to play outside, though!  And bring her mommy rocks, of course.  Then some "art" with dollar bin stickers.  Friday:  Daddy brought home a super cool glowing bracelet from the Microsoft meeting.  My little helper pretty much unloads the dishwasher on her own.  Saturday:  I guess we only took pics in the bath?  That's not a yawn - it's an "I-O!", baby!

September 29-October 5

Sunday:  How we roll at breakfast.  She's not just a sports fan, she reads novels, too.  Hey!  I cleaned up the craft room dining room, so we can actually use the table now.  Monday:  We had to play hooky from school because she still had the sniffles, but she still wanted to play outside.  Wrapped up in a quilt, per her request.  Tuesday:  Trying on my toddlerhood kitty costume (crazy!).  Showing off her Halloween doggie shirt.  Wednesday:  Pet store = toddler amusement park?  Poppin' bubs.

Thursday:  Someone insisted on wearing boots to do a little reading.  Wagon ride to the park to take some 17 month photos!  My sweet little cowgirl.  Friday:  Yes, that's a candy corn hairbow.  Daddy came home early, so we took him to the toddler park.  Bubbles every day.  Saturday:  A grumpy hayride.  Nap part deux in the Beco.  All smiles in the pumpkin patch.

October 6-12

Sunday:  So cozy!  Wistfully watching big kids with bubble wands at Salmon Days.  Monday:  Sensory bin fun.  Our weekly trunk picnic.  Tuesday:  My maple is holding out, trying to hang onto its green.  Once again, taking her volunteer job seriously.  Wednesday:  Color, color, color.  She wanted to help walk the dog.  Hugs, every chance she gets.

Thursday:  Rockin' the glow in the dark onesie!  Classic Ruby-face.  Friday:  Ghosts in the House.  One of the many hats.  "Helping" me bake some Halloween cookies.  Please note, the flour all over the legs...  Despite having plenty of toys in her room to play with, she entertained herself with this shirt of mine that she pulled off the drying rack for a good half hour.  Saturday:  My sweetness.  Who then turned around and tried to ride the dog... which is frowned upon in this establishment.

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