Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Perhaps I was not cut out to be a blogger...  I am so bad at it!!!  Always, always, always running behind on posting.  In fact, the other day I saw that I'd started a post back in June (with some really adorable pictures of Ruby at the park!), but I never finished and published it.  What the heck?!?

My poor little sick girl.  But I love her sweet face.


First of all, YAY!  It's October!  That means it's Halloween month!  We kicked it off right yesterday with a pumpkin breakfast (pumpkin pancake for my babe, pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese for me), then I decked Ruby all out in orange & black striped leggings, a Halloween t-shirt, and this witchy clippie I whipped up for her:

If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this picture.  And if you don't follow me on Instagram, GUESS WHAT???  I put a cute little button over there just below Ruby's birthday ticker that will take you right to me!  Oh, and hey!  You can now follow me on Pinterest, too!  Want to know the real reason I'm a bad blogger?  Yeah, it's those two time-sucks right there!  But whatever, I'm just proud that I figured out how to do buttons.

So anyway, speaking of Instagram and Halloween hair accessories, did you know that there are all kinds of shops on Instagram???  I just found this out (guess I've been living under a rock), and it is daaaangerous.  But I snagged 2 super adorable Halloween hairbows in this crazy fast flash sale over there.  Handmade by a mama, and very reasonably priced.  They haven't arrived yet, though, which is why I made the witchy hat above!

And on the subject of making things (yet another reason I'm a bad blogger - in my free time, I can blog, make something, or clean my house, so... yeah), I'm one of those moms that feels the need to make my child's Halloween costume.  Which means I should probably get on that!  Though how I'll top last year, I'm not sure...

Ahhhhhh!!!  She's TINY!

Ok, so, looking at that picture, there's no topping last year.  This year, she's going to be a black cat.  I like to keep it traditional.  I purchased a sequin cat ear headband, so basically I'll be making a tutu and a tail.  Add a black onesie/tights, and we're set.  I also like to keep it easy, and I don't mind at all that her get-up will be similar to last year.

I'm also trying to decide if now is the time to start my Etsy shop.  I actually have a name picked out and registered already, I've just never taken the time to create an inventory.  Ruby's toddler school is having a craft fair in November, and I'm thinking about participating and using it as a jumping off point?  I have some irrational fears about making things for people to buy though, so I guess that's my hesitation.  It would be fun to have some playing around money if I sold anything, though.    Hmm...

OH!  That reminds me of something else!  I'm kind of a shopping addict, but as a SAHM, I have a very strict budget.  A while back on here I shared my MyHabit referral link.  I don't know who you were, but TWO very lovely people clicked that link, made purchases, and earned me referral credits!  Whoever you are, thank you SO much!  I had an opportunity to put them to good use the other day:

I have been searching high, low, and everywhere in between for toddler rain boots that would fit Ruby.  We live in Washington, she NEEDS boots!  But finding cute ones in a size 5 (which is still a size too big, but the smallest they go)?  Impossible!!!  Ok, well, there's the toddler Hunter boots that I'm dying over, but they are way way too expensive for toddler boots.  Anyway, the other day these Carter's boots popped up on MyHabit, and I was able to purchase them with my referral credits!!!  And those adorable flats, too!  For both pairs of shoes, I paid $1.10.  So thank you, thank you, thank you (Mr. G thanks you too) for using my link, whomever you are.  Seriously.

Now if somebody could find me a raincoat for Ruby (yeah, she doesn't have one of those either), I'd be set...

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  1. I hear you on the blogging, mine seems to have dropped to once a month. You certainly dress your little one so cute!