Sunday, February 5, 2012

Well, hello blog!

Oops.  I, uh, haven't posted since November 6th...  And it is now February 5th!  My only excuse is that I've felt pretty terrible for the past 3 months.  I was not one of those people whose nausea stopped after the first trimester.  Add that to being exhausted from spending my days with Kindergarteners, and well, the blog took a back seat.  I am kind of kicking myself about it, because I'd love to have had that record of the pregnancy, but rest took a priority and I'm ok with that.  I'm finally starting to feel better now, but I can't say I'd trade the first half of my pregnancy for anything.  Give me puking any day for this baby in my belly!

So what's been happening since then?  A lot!  Here are some highlights:
*It took a THIRD NT scan to finally be able to do it.  First baby was too small, then too uncooperative.  Lets just say, I'm not happy that we had to pay for 3 scans, but happy to report that it turned out low-risk for everything.
*I came out to my students.  This was at 16 weeks.  They are SO excited!  They wanted to know what we were naming the baby, if it was a boy or girl, if they could meet it, etc.  My boss & I decided we'd let them tell their parents.  It's finally all out now and everybody knows.  Phew.
*Just after Christmas, we had our anatomy scan.
*However, also at our anatomy scan, we found out that our girl has SUA - Single Umbilical Artery.  Babies are supposed to have 2 arteries and one vein in their cords.  Ours only has one of each.  This can be a marker for some very scary bad stuff.  Which means we got ourselves our very own Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor, who we now see in addition to my beloved midwives.
*MFM wanted to see me right away after the SUA diagnosis.  Baby girl had to have a fetal echocardiogram, because SUA can indicate big-time heart problems.  Luckily, she is totally fine.  And the fetal echo was amazing!  We got to see her individual heart valves pumping (and hear them!).  Cool!
*Because of SUA, she's measuring small.  Like, she was only 10th% for growth at 20weeks.  Which means I get to be on a high-protein diet.  I also am now on 4mg extra of folic acid per day, as well as a baby aspirin to help the blood ease through the cord.
*At my 24 week appointment, I had to meet one of the OBs in the practice instead of my midwife.  She was nice, but it really freaked me out.  However, baby girl was up to 28th%, so we didn't have to go to MFM this month!  Good job, Freebie!
*This week I registered us for all of our baby classes at the hospital.  We're signed up for a breastfeeding class, an all-day baby care class, and a 5 week hypnobirthing class.  I really wanted to learn hypnobirthing, but I'm kind of nervous.  The only class available anywhere around me (happened to be at the hospital, nice) starts April 3.  The last class is May 1...  Cutting it reeeeeeeeally close!  Like, I could already have a baby before then!  I decided to do it anyway though, and hope that she takes her time growing in there.

Ok, I think that catches me up to now.  Here's a pic of our little girl at 20 weeks!

I joked that it kind of looks like she's making kissy-lips.  Keith said she's not allowed to do that for another 25 years or so.  =)

Hopefully, I will be able to resume the weekly updates too.  Ready for some belly?  BAM!

Biiiiiiig difference from the last picture!  After I took this, I was looking at it and hit the back button on my camera.  The last picture saved on there is from 6 weeks, with a flat stomach.  It brought the situation into shocking reality!  I showed Keith & he went, "Whoa!"  Oh yeah, and sad day.  They took away Picnik.  So now I don't know how to put the week/day over my picture anymore.  Boo.  Also, this pic was from last Monday, so today I'm actually 25 weeks 5 days.

Week 25 stats:

How far along? 25 weeks, 5 days
Total weight gain: up 13 lbs.
Maternity clothes? yep!  I have a few non-maternity shirts that are long enough still, but maternity definitely fits better.
Stretch marks? none yet
Sleep: is usually ok until I have to pee.  Then there is no sleeping after that.
Best moment this week: I got a bunch of fabric in the mail to make stuff for our little girl.  Exciting!
Miss Anything? Today we took a walk and passed the Subway in our neighborhood.  I'd really love a spicy Italian sandwich... I guess someone will have to bring me one at the hospital!
Movement: TONS!  This little girl moves around SO much in there!
Food cravings: Eggo waffles.  The other day Keith asked me what we needed at the store, and I told him chicken.  Then waffles.  He asked if pregnancy has made me a Southerner now, lol. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: feeding the dog, raw meat, and anything else depending on the day.
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: I finally feel pretty darn good.  My back gets sore by the end of the day, and often my feet are tired.
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy right now, but moody often.  I don't think that was abnormal before pregnancy though!
Looking forward to: working on the nursery.  We really need to get on it!  Only 100 days left!

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