Monday, April 1, 2013

Saving the Best for Last

Somebody had her last first holiday yesterday.  Sob.

But you know what?  Easter was the best holiday with her yet.  She was SO excited!

Even though she'd seen her basket before when I was taking pictures of it for my last post, this was her reaction when we plopped her down in front of it Easter morning.  She couldn't get enough!

She was very interested in the eggs, and amused herself for quite some time taking them out and putting them back into her basket. 

Then, after a breakfast of sour cream doughnuts (and banana), and after an only 30min nap (ugh!), it was time to get her all dolled up in her Easter dress.

Can you believe this cuteness?  Oh, and the dress?  I found it at the consignment sale a couple of weekends ago.  How perfect is it with that Easter basket???

Our neighbor, Samantha, came out and chatted with us.  Ruby was sightly enamored with her.  That's who she's looking at in the picture below.

We chatted, blew some bubbles, and basked in the glorious PNW spring sunshine (we seriously could not have had a more beautiful Easter day!), and pretty soon, the grandparents arrived.  Bringing more Easter baskets, of course.  In fact, Grandma C even had some yellow sunglasses with white polka dots in hers!  But of course, Ruby wouldn't keep them on her face long enough to take a pic.

My mom also brought over a tasty Easter dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes, and asparagus.  Unfortunately, before we could eat it, Grandpa G got a massive bloody nose.  Because he needs to take blood thinners for his heart condition, he and Grandma C ended up having to leave to go get his nose cauterized.  =(

However, my mom stayed, we dyed eggs, had our tasty dinner, took a walk in that amazing sunshine, then came back for dessert (I baked a test "smash" cake for Ruby's birthday, which became our Easter cake), lowered the crib mattress (because somebody is getting bold with the climbing), gave the babe a bath, said goodbye to grandma, and put little miss to bed.  Phew!  Then topped off the day with the Walking Dead season finale (I seriously don't think I can wait 6 more months for season 4!).

Ruby was so excited all day, "talking", laughing, clapping and playing peekaboo, and kicking her feet with enthusiasm.  It was awesome.  It was like she totally got that it was a holiday and special and she just ate it up.  And in spite of a crappy morning nap, and no afternoon nap, she took it all like a champ.

Love that girl so much.  I can't wait for many, many more holidays spent with her.  Hope you all had as nice an Easter as we did!


  1. OH my goodness! I'm almost 100% positive Easter was Wyatt's last FIRST holiday too! :[
    That makes me incredibly sad.

    1. What's with these babies, thinking they can grow up so fast???

  2. Hi! New reader here. Ruby is adorable! And I totally agree about Walking Dead.

    1. Thanks Julie, and thanks for stopping by! =)