Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

Catching up with the past two weeks in this one.  You know, nothing new.

April 7-13

Sunday:  Backing herself to a wall and getting stuck = what she does best.  Doing a little pointing (and yes, we hung out in jams all day).  Monday:  I did a little birthday crafting during naptime.  Ruby decided that lasagna goes in her eyes, not in her mouth.  Tuesday:  Epic nap (that I actually had to wake her up from, argh!).  Looking really lost at her baby playdate/reunion, since all of the other babies were crawling and walking laps around her...   Oh, you know, just perusing the Target baby ad in shades and no pants.  Wednesday:  Shopping for birthday presents for Mr. G.  Braidy got really into helping unwrap the presents!

Thursday:  Some craaaaaazy bedhead.  Ruby shockingly took a nap on the floor at baby class!  A quick visit to the pediatrician to make sure she's on track.  Friday:  More birthday crafting.  What Ruby looks like after a 3+ hour nap.  Enjoying using her new snack catcher.  Saturday:  ALL she wanted to do was get at those toys.  I did a little spring cleaning of the baby dish cabinet, and realized I could pack up all the bottles that we never used.  Trying to mess up Daddy's computer game.

April 14-20

Sunday:  Being a cute troublemaker.  Monday:  We actually had a playdate at our house and I didn't take any pictures!  Argh!  Ruby tried on her birthday headband that came (and uh-oh, it's too big!).  Having some playtime in the tub.  Tuesday:  Our first day volunteering for the Parent-Baby program at the hospital!  Ruby "helps" by taking out and playing with all of the lost & found toys.  We stopped at Babies R Us on the way home for a bigger fleece sleep sack, since it's still too cold for the cotton ones she has.  Wednesday:  Woke up screaming from her nap because she was on her belly.  Wearing a "big-girl" clippie, and insisting I put on her shoes.  New shoes, take #2 arrived (we ordered these and the wrong size came in the right size's box, erg).

Thursday:  Spending some quality time with our instructor, Wendy, at her last baby class. =(  Ruby, stuffing her face, as usual.  My little fashionista.  The obsession with the dryer continues (and look, no hands!).  Peekaboo!!!  Friday:  Trying to steal my cookie butter - I don't think so, little girl!  Giving the doggie some kisses (I almost died from the cuteness).  Saturday:  She was pretty insistent that she "help" with the diapers.  Costco is exhausting.

Also, on Friday Ruby woke up with another cold.  This one is worse than the last, she has been a total snot factory!  So disappointing because she had to miss her good buddy's birthday party yesterday.  =(  I hope she kicks this quickly, baby girl's got a busy social calendar coming up!

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