Friday, August 30, 2013


Ruby is napping.  Rather than clean my house like I should (because, OMG...), I'm going to dump my brain into the internets.  Ok?

I took some pics of R being adorable and running around in her cloth diapers this morning, so you'll get those too.  I'm sure you all mind.  I didn't edit them either.  Not that I have much editing capability, with just iPhoto...

I need a new computer, badly.  I have a many years old macbook, and it's getting ready to bite the dust.  It's so old that you can't update the OS anymore, and I can't put Photoshop on it.  Ugh.  But a new compy is not in the budget.

Speaking of new computers, my younger brother worked as an Apple Genius for a time.  He recently resigned, to take a better job, but before he did, he picked up a new computer for my sister-in-law with his employee discount.  Then, while setting it up for her, he promptly spilled a beer on it and fried the thing.  Not even kidding.  Let that be a lesson for you all.  Beer + computer do not mix.

Hey!!!  College football season has begun!  I am SO SO SO excited to watch my Buckeyes dominate!  I'm also really excited to dress Ruby up in her game day gear.  If you follow me on Instagram (yes, I still need to make a link button), you saw that I finished up a scarlet and gray skirt for her to wear with a kick-butt onesie I got for her off of Etsy.  We also got her her very first Seahawks jersey, and she's been carrying it around the house yelling, "GO!!!" ever since.

Speaking of that, Ruby is quite the sports fan.  She loves "ball ball" (any ball sport).  When we were at Target, she saw that football was playing on all of the display tvs, so we stopped to watch.  A young guy working there came up and asked if I needed help.  I replied, "No, she just wants to watch football."  To which he said, "Awesome."  Yeah.  She is pretty awesome!

This looks safe...

Yesterday I made Ruby accompany me to Nordstrom to get fitted for a real, post-pregnancy, post-nursing bra.  Holy crap.  I forgot what it's like to wear a real bra!  It's great!  I bought one, because wow, Nordstrom bras aren't cheap, so I have some work to do to rebuild my non-nursing lingerie wardrobe.  Let's just say that my new bra is 3-4 cup sizes larger than all of my pre-pregnancy bras.  No, I don't think I grew that much.  I just was wearing really ill-fitting bras.  Eek!  Never again!

I'd also really like to totally revamp my actual clothes wardrobe, but that's not going to happen.  Still, Hello Apparel is having a huge sale today, and I might have to get one of their sweatshirts finally.  Would that be too hipster of me?

I feel like I'm wanting to turn Ruby into a total hipster baby, and find myself obsessing over her fall wardrobe, which is ridiculous.  But, I think it's really the only "hobby" I have time for?

My next door neighbor just had a new baby.  She's tiny, and squishy, and adorable, and it almost makes me want another.  But not really, toddlers are where it's at.

Are you guys watching Graceland (I told you this was going to be all over the place)?  I'm kind of obsessed & hate that it wasn't on this week!  I need more!  But it's almost over!  All of my summer tv is ending, sad.  I really enjoyed The Killing, Longmire, The Glades, Burn Notice, and Graceland.  What's coming up for fall?  I don't even know, except The Walking Dead, but that isn't until October, ugh.  Though my Homeland season 2 DVDs are supposed to ship in a week or so.  Can't wait for that!  What else do I need to be watching?  After Ruby goes to sleep, I like to rot my brain with tv.  And crocheting.  Because I'm a granny.

I am currently at war with my face.  I never had bad skin, even as a teenager, but now?  Now it is insane!  Thanks a lot post-partum hormones.  It is making me horribly self-conscious, and want to never be in pictures, which is why you never see me in any.  I googled for the best products you could buy in a drugstore, and am trying a few out now.  Cross your fingers.

Btw, we run now...

And throw huge balls.

There's a new Starbucks in town, and it's walking distance from my house.  Well, the one at the neighborhood hospital was also technically walking distance, but this one is probably under a mile away.  And I now have the Starbucks app.  Trouble.  Plus the new one also has a drive through, for sleeping baby times.  Double trouble.  We walked there the other day and it poured rain on us on the way back.  I didn't even mind, because I had a delicious drink in my hand.

Speaking of rain, the rainy season is upon us.  Ten months of rain.  What am I going to do with a toddler???  We will go nuts.  We have our toddler "school" on Mondays starting in September, and volunteering still, but what do I do with the rest of the days?  Ruby and I both go stir-crazy being stuck at home, and Mr. G frowns upon going shopping 3 days a week.  Ideas?

She is a nutcase.

And with that, it seems, the little lady is taking a short nap.  Of course.  But I think that was more than enough random for one day.  Time to go clock back in for mom-duty.  Perhaps we'll take a walk today...  To Starbucks...


  1. Ruby is seriously too cute! Her little face is just precious!

  2. Her cloth dipey covers are so cute. We cloth diaper our little guy and besides the couple of Flip or Rumparooz print covers, there isn't alot of cuteness available for boys. =) We live south of Seattle. I stumbled upon your blog through a Pin of your Ruby quilt. Lovin' it so far. -Lindsay