Wednesday, September 28, 2011

There's really a baby in there!

We went to see our RE today for an ultrasound.  There's really a baby in there!  I know I shouldn't sound so shocked (the nurse kept giggling, because I sounded so amazed), but it's just really hard to believe that this baby isn't too good to be true!
Dr. O was very congratulatory and excited for us.  He kept saying, "Good job, you guys!" and he told Keith, "You did it!  Bad sperm and all, you did it!"  It was pretty funny, but nice that he was excited for us, even though we didn't end up needing him to help us get pregnant.

Anyway, here's our "Freebie" at 7w0d:

Baby is measuring 7w0d exactly, and had a heart beat of 150.  Everything is "normal", and Dr. O graduated us today!  That means that tomorrow I'll be calling my midwife to see when she wants to see me for my first real appointment (today was just an ultrasound).
Funny story - when you graduate from SRM, they give you a pregnancy book.  When we were checking out to leave, the receptionist said, "Do we need to schedule your next appointment?" and then, "Oh!  You have the book!  Oh, I love to see people holding the book, congratulations!"  Haha.

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