Wednesday, March 20, 2013


She really kills me, this girl of mine.  Ruby has got quite the playful side, and her little game that I like to call "sneak-a-boo" is no exception.

She's taken to playing peekaboo hiding behind her sippy cups.  But of course, they don't cover her whole face.  Like so:

Where's Ruby???

She thinks it's SO funny when we ask, "Where's Ruby?" and she'll stay "hidden" behind the sippy way longer than she does behind other objects, peeping out at us with that little eye.  We ask again, "Where's Ruby?  Where could she be?" and the longer the game goes on, she gets this devilish little grin like she's totally pulling one over on us because she can see us, but we can't see her (or so she thinks).


When she finally removes the cup, she totally cracks up.  Like, "Haha, you fools, I was right here the whole time and could SEE you looking for me!"

I freaking love this kid.

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