Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

Yeah, punctuality!  Here's our week that just happened!

March 17-23

Sunday:  Lazy little leprechaun.  Monday:  Napstagram.  A very ominous looking sky (don't worry, the light turned green right as I snapped the pic).  Grouchy carseat baby.  Yesssss!  Diaper detergent!  Tuesday:  One sock and a beggar dog.  First time on the swings, and she was totally doing the "look Ma, no hands!".  Onward, pony!

Wednesday:  Time to get serious about some birthday party crafting.  Jingling the bells at library story-time.  Thursday:  New development: she can army crawl backwards (she backed herself under this chair)!  Another day, another car seat nap.  Dishwasher drama.  Friday:  Ugly brackets.  Modeling her new Block O onesie that I finished making just in time for the game.  Saturday:  A passel of tassels.  Crazy hair and a hummus soul patch.

Saturday afternoon Ruby came down with a cold.  Poor poor baby!  And poor poor us, nobody slept last night.  I'll be heading out for a Nosefrida shortly.  =(


  1. Girl, I LOVE that you take so many pictures! Haha, I feel like I take a lot but in reality I really don't. I need to start taking more.

    1. Haha, thanks Becca! I'm to a point now where it's just habit to take a bunch every day. I wish I could get better about using my "real" camera though!