Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

Ugh.  I have been up since around 4:30am.  For the second day in a row.  Yesterday, Ruby just refused to go back to sleep, though she ended up sleeping on my chest for about an hour around 6am.  Today, she went back down, but I couldn't fall back to sleep!  There's nothing worse than being awake when you want to be sleeping, and your entire family is snoring around you.

Oh well.  Here's last week via my phone.

February 17-23

Sunday:  Blackberry face.  I strongly recommend feeding your child blackberries only if they are naked (it took 4 washes, but I finally got the stains out of those jammies).  As a last ditch effort, I tried a pinterest carpet cleaning remedy on my beloved rug.  It didn't work, but it did work on the actual carpet.  Monday:  Trying to entice some crawling.  Ruby helped out with a little menu planning.  Tuesday:  At the pedi's for a follow-up flu shot, and once again, she didn't cry at all.  I made her a cute new headband, since she took a nap.  Mangoes are the best!  Wednesday:  She looooooves to play with my makeup.  Trying desperately to reach her doggie.

Thursday:  Looking pretty sleepy at class; those toddlers wear her out!  Aaaaaannnd the resulting car seat nap afterward.  Friday:  Good morning!  Those two goobers.  I had to wrestle that polenta from her, she had a death grip on it.  Our polenta pizzas looked (and smelled) a little better than they tasted.  Oh well.  Saturday:  My bunny grahams were going at it like bunnies.  Just a girl and her dump truck.  Drumming on the Costco cart.

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