Friday, March 22, 2013

Week(s) in iPhone Pictures

Bad blogger, bad.  I am so behind on these!  I know, no one is surprised.  Don't mind me while I play a little catch-up!

February 24-March 2

Sunday:  She just cannot be near me while I put on makeup without getting into the bag.  Thanks to Pinterest, cookies & cream puppy chow ended up in my house.  Monday:  Disco baby!  BabyLegs and baby feet are the cutest.  Tuesday:  This is what happens if the pantry door is not completely clicked shut (that was a dog food bag).  So excited that Daddy brought home a mango!!!  Wednesday:  Laundry basket ride.  My Printstagram prints arrived!  She begged me to share my smoothie, so I was feeding it to her baby-bird style with a straw, and I, um... missed.

Thursday:  All by her lonesome as the only non-mover on a blanket at baby class.  Trying out her strong-armed tactics with the dog.  Friday:  The claws come out when we have to wait on our loaner car at the dealership.  My baking assistant.  First batch of cupcakes I've ever made (ever!) and they were amazing.  We FINALLY got our tv back!!!  Saturday:  We needed to get out of the house, so we took a little walk.  Playing with her big girl toys.  Needed to get out again, so we perused the local party store - Ruby was completely enamored with it.

March 3-9

Sunday:  Breakfasting with Grandpa.  Uh oh, she discovered the tv.  What I did with my Printstagrams.  Family couch time.  Monday:  Jumpies!  My blue-eyed ten month old (sniff sniff).  Tuesday:  Just hanging out in jammies.  Reading Green Eggs and Ham for Dr. Seuss' birthday.  Little Red Riding Baby (she also kind of looked like Voldemort in Harry Potter where he drinks the unicorn blood...).

Wednesday:  She has an obsession with the dishwasher (I think all babies do?).  Daddy met us for lunch at Red Robin, and she got a big girl menu.  Baby in a laundry basket cage!!!  Finally, real clapping!!!  Thursday:  I guess this was a one-pic day.  Chewing on her fave metal measuring spoons (which belong to a friend) at class.  Friday:  Albert Einstein hair must mean she's a baby genius, no?  Snacks on the counter.  Saturday:  Having the time of her life at a toddler program open house.  Trying to climb up the dresser.

March 10-16

Sunday:  Not too sure about eggs for breakfast.  Big girl bath.  Monday:  Happy after a nap!  It may not look like it, but we are related.  Pointing has become the norm.  Tuesday:  A special delivery for the Easter Bunny was in our mailbox!  This sign at the mall reads: "Family Parking.  Reserved for families with children under age 10." - everywhere should have this.  Little diva trying on sunglasses (we didn't buy these ones, because we found even cuter mint ones!).  My tags, printed, cut out, and ready to go for the consignment sale.

Wednesday:  Sneak-a-boo!  "Helping" me with tagging, aka taking out all her toys AND all my ziploc bags AND untying the shoes we were selling.  Thursday:  Huh, another one-pic Thursday.  That outfit is one of my faves, as is the pointing.  Friday:  For my little brother's birthday, we made baked sour cream donuts, yum!  Someone is obsessed with the dryer, and I mean obsessed.  Making her St. Patty's onesie during nap time.  Lunching (in the stroller) with Uncle Tony (we had to take him a donut, after all).  Saturday:  Super excited to ride her new pony that I picked up at the consignment sale (also, please note the Daddy-chosen outfit...).  "Helping" me stuff/fold diapers. 

Phew!  All caught up!  Also, I think I need to go check on the little miss because she's been sleeping in her car seat, in her room, for 2 hours!!!  Whoa!  Thanks for the free time, Ruby!

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