Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

Hmm...  So I wrote this post days ago, and forgot to publish!  How's that for bad blogger? ;)

June 23-29

Sunday:  We drove out into the country to go to a couple of open houses (we loved the area, but were disappointed in the homes).  Ruby can reach the bubbles on this table, and will go get them and bring them to you - especially if it's raining out...  Monday:  My mom and niece came over so we could have "cousin lunchies".  This girl pulls up on anything anywhere.  Baby matches the car seat on our quick run to Target (Oshkosh makes a lovely "snowberry" colored onesie!).  Ruby pulled out all of the Magic Bullet cups, then put one of her magnet letters in each one - creative!  Tuesday:  I decided to see if the Pinterest trick of growing green onions works (spoiler: it does, they're a good 6" tall already!).  Playing with the toys on 4-Blue.  A really rough night led to a small one cuddled up with me in bed.

Wednesday:  Ruby gets into our drawers and plays dress-up.  Cheesin' in her big girl seat!  SO excited to find a pair of jams with BEARS on them in our boxes of hand-me-downs!  Thursday:  Waiting on a very late friend led to silliness in the car.  Somebody fell asleep on our walk (Also note, left legwarmer pulled down.  She always pulls just the left one down.  Always.).  Friday:  She was supposed to be napping, but instead was playing with her doggie, saying, "Rowr rowr rowr."  Um, someone can deftly climb the stairs now.  Crap.  Saturday:  We went to a good friend's baby shower, and of course, I didn't take pics.  Cheesing it up while I was making dinner.  After bath, she crawled away naked and got her family photo book.  Mr. G went to Vegas for the weekend to play in the World Series of Poker, and she kept finding his picture and saying "Dada" over and over while he was gone.

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