Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

July 7-13

Sunday:  Spent a little time working on one of my friend's baby quilts.  Ruby prefers the water table toys on dry land.  Monday:  Hydrating at the park with grandma.  She thought she was so funny that she went inside without me.  Tuesday:  "Helping" me with a measuring spoon.  Sometimes we find her sprawled out in weird locations/positions.  Wednesday:  Airplane gazing.  After waiting at home ALL day for the FedEx guy that never came, we went to Target, where I bought Rubes her first pool.  And decided to play with the Nextfit (glad we got the Foonf).

Thursday:  "You guys, there are airplanes up there!!!"  Two little goat-watchers.  Why yes, she is feeding the dog peas out of her bib pocket.  Friday:  We went to a breastfeeding older babies class (it was interesting, and chaotic with a lot of toddlers).  I guess she was really excited that we were number 27?  "Hey mom, there are bubbles up here!".  Saturday:  Excited about her Costco "treat" (Go Go Squeeze).  Trying out the pool for the first time - it's a hit!  Trying to mooch some Rainier cherries.

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