Saturday, July 6, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

June 30 - July 6

Sunday:  Cuddles with Auntie Ting at Sunday breakfast.  We can now pull up on the dog...  First ever whale-spout!!!  Monday:  Trying on her 12mo swimsuit to make sure it still fits (since it's never been worn!).  Ruby Lou Who.  Planning out some quilts for my friend expecting twins.  Tuesday:  Stair climbing is her favorite activity, game over.  We went to the spray park, and it was completely terrifying.  Making huge messes are her 2nd favorite activity.

Wednesday:  A new favorite napping position - booty in the air.  Getting soaked out at the water table.  Thursday:  I thought this sidewalk chalked misspelling was so cute (Mr. G didn't, because he thought an adult wrote it, not a child, in which case, I see his point).  Parade watching.  Celebrating her own independence by making a mess.  Friday:  One little monkey, jumping on the bed.  So tired, she fell asleep eating her dinner (and I don't blame her, I was so tired I was taking a nap when this happened; Mr. G took this pic with his phone).  Saturday:  Sippigrips = best invention ever.  Hangin' out with her big concrete turtle friend.

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