Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Um... MONTH in iPhone Pictures

Oops.  Catching up!

July 14-20

Sunday:  She wanted to look out the window at the cars (it was just our car, lol).  "Driving" Uncle Tony's car.  Monday:  Swingin' at the park.  Intrigued by tennis.  Tuesday:  Volunteering usually = playing at the hospital.  Her new kicks had arrived when we got home!  Wednesday:  Ruby picked up the remote like a phone and said, "Hi!!!  Dada!"  Mooching Grandma's snacks at Starbucks.  We saw these deer on our walk, and they were totally cool with us standing around watching them!

Thursday:  Stuffing her face with peanut buttered banana pancakes.  Discovering bark chips at a playdate at the toddler park.  Friday:  With nothing else to do, we decided to have picnic #3 for the week.  Followed by some swinging.  Saturday:  Trying hard to make progress on the rainbow quilt during naptime.  That hat kills me.  What she thinks of ice cream (what the heck?!?).  Soaking herself in the water table.  Bunny ears are not just for Easter.

July 21-27

Sunday:  Hydrating on a long walk.  Very blurry, but a picture of her first steps!  Monday:  Having a good time with Grandma's toothbrush at Target.  Snack on the deck (I was trying to trick her into eating yogurt by getting one of those squeezy pouches that was a yogurt combo).  Mad because I made her sit on her bottom in the tub.  Mr. G texted to see if the wee one was asleep.  This was the response he got. Tuesday:  But once asleep, she sleeps so cute!  She really is a toddler now, isn't she?  Cooling off in the "pool" while we sun some diaps.

Wednesday:  A random, inexplicable fever.  We HAD to go to the grocery store, and the poor bug just wasn't feelin' it.  Thursday:  All better, and excited to eat peaches out of her container.  Goofing off.  I turned the camera around on the phone, which she thought was hilarious.  Hugging her puppy, awww. Friday:  Blueberry finger!  Looking for airplanes in a dry pool, lol.  Saturday:  I guess I only took this one pic, but I was pretty excited that her plate matched her OSU cup!

July 28-August 3

Sunday:  Smarty pants tries to buckle her own chest clip.  She looks like a real proper lady in that hat.  Monday:  Suspiciously eyeballing people out the window at our last lunch date with Uncle Tony before he got a new job.  Mommy is a jungle gym.  Sleepy buns!  Tuesday:  Getting ready to stroll to lunch at the hospital.  Reading Go, Dog. Go! for the 1000th time (that day).  Wednesday:  Oh, the cheese.  So happy in her big girl car seat, while waiting for Daddy to get our traditional anniversary Blizzards.

Thursday:  I've got to figure out how to lock cabinets in our rental...  Ruby and her buddy went to Kid's Cove at the mall.  She was not too sure about the behavior of the big kids there.  But the games were fun!  Friday:  I think she'll love this quilt, if I ever get it done.  Finished the last block!  Hmmm... decisions, decisions.  We had a sudden cool weather day, so I decided to try this vest on her - and she went crazy.  Saturday:  The top is finished!

August 4-10

Sunday:  Sewing blitz.  I was so busy, I forgot to take a picture of my child - until she was curled up in bed with me at night.  Monday:  Breakfast at the counter, so the tray could get a wash.  Another great well-baby check up!  We decided to make cookies after her 4(!) shots.  She decided to help herself to the chocolate chips.  Tuesday:  Sippy sharing.  The hair, the shirt, I die.  Wednesday:  It's done!  Taking a walk with my big girl.

Thursday:  Sharing snacks with the dog, after being stood up for our playdate (grrrr).  Friday:  Making stacks at Starbucks!  Don't let that face fool you - she was thrilled to get a doggie sticker for being buckled into her cart at Target.  The finished quilt, right before we packed it up and took it to the fairgrounds.  Waiting in line to enter our crafts at the fair - she was way over it, it was dinner time, and we were 30 miles from home, but she hung in there like a champ!  Saturday:  Big Seattle day, first stop was the aquarium.  The starfish were pretty, but overall, it was hugely disappointing.  But then we went to the Mariner's game to see Ken Griffey Jr. inducted into the hall of fame (he's the little black dot in the middle there).  Go, Junior!!!


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