Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

August 11-17

Sunday:  We'll take a nap anywhere, any way we can get one!  I started a new project.  See all that water?  She tried to dump it on ME.  Monday:  I was "forced" to wear two different shoes (at least they were both mine).  Driving the fire engine at the toddler park.  Reading up about Pete Carroll, getting ready for football season (she is obsessed with Mr. G's Seahawks yearbook).  Tuesday:  Hoping if she reopens the lunchbox, more food will appear.  Wednesday:  Out of boredom, we went to the toy store, and came home with Little Blue Truck.  And a Playmobil 1*2*3 set.

Thursday:  Fluff mail (I sold some diaps I didn't love and replaced them with these babies)!  Rainy day indoor horsey ride.  Fridge-raider.  Working on using some crayons.  Friday:  I made mexican muffins, and she watched them through the window saying, "Cook, cook, cook it!"  Saturday:  Riding her cousin's bigwheel at the City Streets festival in my brother's 'hood.  There was an excellent parade, too! Ruby really wanted to be a part of that drill team.  Playing with cousin Frankie while the BBQ contest was happening.

August 18-24

Sunday:  First nap ever in the crib without nursing first (yep, I went for it and weaned, more on that later).  Splish-splashin' around.  Monday:  Headed outside for some bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  Someone has mastered the art of dipping!  Tuesday:  Just being adorable at volunteering.  More interested in watching the other babies in the stands, than watching Daddy play softball.  Wednesday:  She helps unload the dishwasher now.  If you've never made homemade granola, you should - this batch is already gone (I use Sarah's recipe & love it)!  Ruby Jo looooves my crockpot sloppy joes!

Thursday:  The ladies of the playdate - these girls have known each other practically since birth!  More softball shenanigans at the last game of the season (phew!).  Friday:  We headed into the city to stuff our faces with beignets and to take a quick trip to the Land of Nod.  That pillow is what we were after; she loves it and calls it "Ninight"...  More fun at the toddler park - I'm so glad we have one in our neighborhood!  Saturday:  Hey!  My rainbow quilt won a blue ribbon at the fair (and so did two hats and a sweater I crocheted for Ruby)!!!  Checkin' out the piggies.  She wanted to ride that roller coaster SO badly.  Baby's first Purple Cow (a float made with blackberry ice cream, blackberry syrup, and Sprite - made by the Snohomish county dairy women, and only available at this fair).

Sigh.  I should have done a separate post just for the fair.  It was SO much fun taking Ruby!  When I was a child, I was in a 4-H club for many years, and this was the fair that I participated in.  My main project was my horse, and fair was like the big finale for the season.  We brought our camper and the horses and lived at the fair for about a week while showing.  Taking Ruby brought it all back, especially since she loved the 4-H horses!  We took her into one of the barns, and it just so happened it was my old club's section.  They even still had the tack boxes my dad made back in the day.  It was awesome.  Ruby loved all the other animals (especially the 4-H dogs, of course), and the fair food (thank goodness she's a Purple Cow lover just like her mama & daddy!), and I can't wait to take her back.  

In fact, I just might take her back tomorrow!

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  1. can i ask where you sold the diaps you didn't like? we have some fuzzibunz hanging around that just don't work well for us