Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Calendar Girl - Seven Months

Say what?  Somebody is about to be 8 months old and her mommy hasn't done a 7 month post yet?  Surprise surprise...

Ruby was NOT into her photo shoot this month, so...  I'll do the best with what I have. ;)

No doctor's appointment this month, so I have no idea how big the babe is.  I do think she's been going through a growth spurt though - at least I hope so, with the amount she's been nursing!  She feels heavier to me, though.  Then again, I thought that last month and she'd hardly gained anything.  She's still fitting quite comfortably in 3-6 month clothes, and continues to have the tiniest feet ever, wearing 0-3 month shoes.

In her 7th month, Ruby was able to sit up well enough on her own to not be in danger of constantly tipping over.  Which meant that playing has been a lot more fun!  Her favorite toy this month was her V-tech blender.  It's a hand-me-down toy from my niece, and it plays the most ridiculous songs (of course).  It comes with 5 sparkly fruit blocks, which she is so all about.  This month she also tried sitting in shopping carts and restaurant high chairs, but they were still a bit too slippery on her bottom.

Sleep continues to be total crap.  She wakes many times a night.  Occasionally, she will wake and want to stay awake, having herself a little night party, usually from the hours of 1-5am.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, will get her to go back down when she's in one of those moods.  Out of desperation, we've resorted to swaddling again.  I kind of hate it because I know we can't swaddle her forever.  But I'm also ok with it, because I know she'd rather do anything else than flip over onto her belly, so she's safe like that.  And it gets everybody a lot more sleep.  Her separation anxiety is still in full force, and it seems that's what's going on at night, too.  If she gets too awake, she can't get back to sleep without checking in with her mommy.  This too shall pass!

Another side effect of the separation anxiety?  I can no longer take showers.  At least, not if Ruby's awake.  In fact, I can't even really set foot in the bathroom at all or she freaks. out.  Like, huge alligator tears.  I hypothesized that it's because she knows when I get into "the box" (shower) I don't come right out if she cries.  Therefore, I either have to get my shower in before Mr. G goes to work, or I don't get one.  Once, out of desperation, I tried to shower with her, but that was a big fat fail, so...  Yeah.  Sometimes I'm unshowered.  The things I do for this kid!

Also?  She hates her bedtime routine now.  It's like she knows, "No!  They're going to put my pajamas on me and then I'm going to have to go to bed ALONE!"  Sheesh, silly girl, she won't sleep with us (we've tried it) and we always go to her if she needs us!

Last month, we introduced solids, and this month she's still eating like a champ.  Only purees though.  I had big plans about doing Baby Led Weaning, but she was just not having it.  She's picky about texture, just like her mama.  Awesomely, though, if you put it on a spoon, she will put anything in her mouth.  She also tried using a sippy cup this month, and though she'll sometimes take a drink, she's more interested in just playing with it.

After having previously sworn off pacis (she would act insulted if you even offered her one), she randomly picked one back up and liked it.  For about a week.  I attribute all of the above to teething, but she still has no teeth!  I swear one is going to pop through all the time, based on her behavior, but she's holding out in the tooth department.

So seven months down (well, really now almost 8).  We're on the back side of the first year.  It seems like just yesterday my big girl was a newbie, but now we're talking about food and sitting and teeth!  She's growing up too fast, but I am loving every minute of it.  Even if I am getting no sleep!


  1. She's so cute! My son turned seven months on the 19th, it goes by way too fast!