Monday, January 21, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

January 13-19

Sunday:  Ready to cheer on her Seahawks.  Determination.  Monday:  Trying on some shoes.  And trying on a hat I made her during nap time.  Tuesday:  Yogurt is messy!  The cutest grocery shopper.  Wednesday:  Somebody has a new favorite spot.  Thinking about maybe crawling?  She loves eating her veggies!

Thursday:  Ruby and I got these super cute Oscar de la Renta bowls at Target for Braidy, and they were finally washed and ready for her to use!  Lookin' cute at class, as always.  Friday:  Baby's first beignets are a hit (her mouth is full of them).  Toulouse's specialty. Checking out the "garage sale" at REI with Grandpa.  Reading stories with Auntie Jen and Cousin Frankie.  Friday was a big day.  Saturday:  Cooking up some yummy food for my girl.  She's a goofball!  I love our diapers.  

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