Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

January 6-12

Sunday:  Not sure about Grandpa holding her at breakfast...  Getting a pedicure from the doggie.  Big girl tub (which was a HUGE fail, way too scary, apparently)!  Monday:  Helping with the laundry.  A gaping space where our plasma should be. =(  Celebrating getting her first tooth (!) with some upside down time.  Tuesday:  Chowing down like a big kid on some oats and nanners bars.  Puzzle time.  Waiting for her buddies at the coffee lounge.

Wednesday:  Smooches for my girl.  Feeding herself.  Thursday:  This is the only way mommy gets to dry her hair...  Drinking my water during baby class.  Friday:  Crazy bedhead.  Grandma's purse tastes good when you're hungry at Target.  Saturday:  Bear-bottom!  Sad because Daddy put her in a UW sweatshirt.  Beans, carrots, and avocado for dinner - when did she get so grown-up???

So, yeah.  Our tv?  It bit the dust right after Christmas.  Like, I pressed "power" on the remote and it just went "click click click click" while flashing it's little red light, but never turned on.  And I had to unplug it to make the clicking stop.  The tv repairman came, but in the end, had to take our tv away to fix it. =(  It's been a week and a half.  Hopefully Roger Workman (Lost reference anyone?  His name really is Roger, and he IS a work man...) will be returning it tomorrow.  

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