Sunday, October 30, 2011

11 Weeks

When I was uploading this picture, I pulled up my 6 week one to compare.  I can finally admit that things have grown a bit!  My non-fitting pants should have made that obvious, but...  I have to say that I am constantly shocked that there is actually a baby growing in there.
We attempted to have our NT scan on Friday.  Yes, I said attempted.  We showed up at Maternal Fetal Medicine, filled out all the paperwork, and the sonographer started the scan.  It was a relief to see that Freebie was in there alive and literally kicking.  The baby was wiggling around like crazy!  Keith was pretty shocked, he thought that at this point they just lay around in there.  Like I said above, when the baby popped up on the screen, I was surprised again to see that that was actually in me.  It's still so unbelievable.
Anyway, I said we attempted to have the NT scan.  We definitely got to see our baby, and we actually got to hear the heartbeat for the first time (!), buuuuuuut...  Baby got Keith's short genes and was about 2mm too small to fit their criteria for eligibility for the neck measurement.  Boo.  But this means that we get to see our baby again in less than a week!  We go back Thursday to try again.  I also have my 12 week prenatal checkup on Wednesday, so it will be a busy week for me at the hospital.
Last week was a busy week, too - I had to go once for the NT scan, but I also had to go to the lab on Wednesday to get blood drawn, since apparently I was exposed to Fifth's Disease at school.  If you're pregnant, don't google this.  It will scare the crap out of you.  Chances are good that I've already been exposed to it, but I'm laying low & hoping it turns out to not be a big deal.
I'm 2 days away from 12 weeks, which means that my first trimester of pregnancy is almost over.  Hard to believe.  The nausea is still ever present (in fact, I had to toss my cookies this morning), but I am hopeful there is a light at the end of this tunnel.  I also told my boss about the pregnancy (she was SO excited for us), and we'll be coming out to the general public very soon.  Also, I've been working on my cloth diaper stash (more on that later).  Things are getting real around here!

Week 11 stats:
How far along: 11 weeks, 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: the scale at MFM tells me I gained 2lbs.
Maternity clothes?: yes, pants, or regular pants if I feel like dealing with the BeBand
Strech marks?: no
Sleep: would be better if I didn't wake up feeling nauseated in the middle of the night
Best moment this week: seeing our baby - who looks more like a baby than a blob now!  We saw arms, legs, feet, and his/her stomach!
Movement: not that I can feel, but there's a very active baby in there
Food cravings: um... nothing?
Gender: I think boy, Keith thinks girl (still)
What I miss: not feeling barfy, having clothes that don't make me look fat
Milestones: we're in the 100's!  Only 198 days left until we get to meet Freebie!

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