Thursday, October 6, 2011

1st Prenatal Appointment

My first appointment with the midwives was today.  Prior to it, I was kind of feeling like "Oh no!  I miss my RE!"  But it turned out to be a great appointment.
After peeing in a cup (something I need to get used to, as I'll have to do this at every appointment), the medical assistant takes all your medical & family history.  It turned out that she used to work for Dr. O!  She told me that he used to tell stories in the breakroom about how he'd have a consult with a couple, and then they'd end up pregnant before treatment.  He'd be all, "Yeah, I can get them pregnant just by talking to them!"  It was pretty funny.
Since I've been under the care of an RE, I've already had all of the blood work that screens you for diseases (it's like 6 vials of blood), and was current on pap.  So my midwife was like, "Well, we actually don't have a lot to do...  Would you like an ultrasound so that you don't worry?" (we'd been talking about how it's hard not to worry, especially after dealing with fertility issues).  It turns out, the midwives have a portable machine that they can use whenever they want, so she just wheeled it in and we got to take a peek at Freebie!
This was a lot lower-tech machine, and done on the belly, so baby is just blobby.  We saw the heartbeat though, and the yolk sack as well.  Baby is still looking good, and measuring right on track.  She also checked for any bleeds in there to keep an eye on, and there were none.  That ultrasound really DID make me feel better!  I wish Keith had been there, but Nurse Shana printed out pictures for him.  =)
Tomorrow I can call Maternal Fetal Medicine and set up our NT scan.  That will be sometime between 11-13 weeks, and we'll probably get to do our next prenatal appointment the same day (since they're both at the hospital).  Still hard to believe, but there really is a baby in there! 

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