Monday, October 17, 2011

9 Weeks

I look ridiculously fat & not cute in this picture.  But hey, this is reality, right? =)

Yeah...  That blob up there is responsible for my pants being really uncomfortable right now.  I took this picture at the end of the day - and I was sucking it in a little bit.  Eek!  If that's what I look like with bloat, what will it be like when it's really baby in there?!?  Yesterday I went to this huge consignment sale, and ended up with 3 pairs of maternity pants for $9.  Not bad, huh?  I am going to start wearing them because I am so so uncomfortable at work.

Here's the week 9 stats:
How far along: 9 weeks (barely!  I'll be 10 tomorrow, oops!)
Total weight gain/loss: no scale this week.
Maternity clothes?: starting to break into the pants.  I am too uncomfortable.
Strech marks?: no
Sleep: I seem to be stuck in a cycle of falling asleep early, having crazy dreams, waking up to pee, then having insomnia.  Still.
Best moment this week: spending all of Saturday in my pajamas.
Movement: not yet
Food cravings: nothing.  Food is horrible right now.
Gender: My friend Sara is totally 100% convinced it's a girl.  Haha.
What I miss: food, not being exhausted.
Milestones: baby is an olive this week - and also not an embryo anymore!  We have a fetus!

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