Sunday, December 16, 2012

O, Christmas Tree

Last weekend, we finally made it out to purchase Ruby's first Christmas tree.  The past few years we have gotten real trees, but we'd always procrastinate and end up going to the Home Depot a few miles away, late one December evening after work.

But not this year.  This year, we were going to go do it right, and chop down our tree.  Would you believe Mr. G had never cut down a Christmas tree?  Crazy, right?  Well, he'd never had a real tree before me either.  I can barely believe it.  Did they even have fake trees 30+ years ago?

Anyway, we still hadn't gone by last weekend, and I felt like a bad mommy for not having a tree yet (even though I know she doesn't care, I want her first Christmas to be magical).  This meant we had to go then.  It also meant that we had to go in the pouring rain.

They were obviously thrilled to be having their picture taken.

We trekked out into the trees...

Looking for one that was juuuuust right.  This one didn't pass the test...

But this one did!  This was the one!

So daddy got to work chopping it down.

Ruby helped, by being adorable.

Then we dragged it out of the field (only to learn later that they had tree wagons, boo).

The tree farmers put it into a funny shaker to get any loose needles off.

Then we strapped it to the car before heading home.  Please excuse the doofy look on my face.

Santa was also present at the tree farm, but sadly, we did not get to go see him.  He was on lunch, and we didn't feel like standing around with a cold, wet, baby.  Actually, she was pretty warm and dry, but we were soaked because the sky really opened up right when we were tying the tree to the car.

And here she is:

Yes, I chopped the top off with the picture.  Mr. G hadn't put the topper on yet (and actually hasn't still, he needs to get on that)!

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