Wednesday, December 5, 2012

For Accountability...

Ever wonder why I've never posted pictures of Ruby's nursery?

It's not because I'm not that into nurseries (I am, they are my crack), or because I just haven't gotten around to it.  It's because it's not even finished.

This is a fact that bugs me to no end.  If you are pregnant, be sure you finish the nursery before the baby is born, because otherwise, you might never do it.  In my defense, my mom was staying with us in that room until I was like, 35 weeks pregnant or something, but still.  I want it done.

So I'm putting it out there.

I hereby declare that I am GOING TO FINISH the nursery!  If I say it out loud to the internet, it will get done, right?  Okay.

So here's what I've got:

This is currently the only picture I have of her room.  I've been planning this nursery for years.  No joke, ever since I upgraded from a full to a queen bed.  Why?  Those curtains.  Those curtains are made out of my favorite sheets I ever had.  They didn't get much use (because of the aforementioned bed upgrade), but I couldn't get rid of them because I knew they'd make perfect curtains in a nursery some day.

Guess what?  They do.

So, pulling the colors from the curtain fabric, I'm working with lots of whites, yellow, a dark red, and a coral.  Kind of vintage-y, no?  We've got the above furniture there, my childhood dresser (white, with spindly legs), and the Davinci Jenny Lind crib.

I bought a soft, yellow changing pad cover, and I made her crib sheet, in a coordinating coral dot fabric.

OMG, look how tiny she was!!!  I die!

So now, to finish up.  Pinterest has been helping me out, of course.  Here's a look at my board, aptly titled "I WILL finish the nursery!":

Click to see it bigger, because I'm technologically ignorant.

Some of this stuff I've already made/have, yay!  The Jellycat horse was a gift from a friend, and you've already seen her DIY hair bow organizer.  The chevron monogram art was a Pinterest project, that just took a printer, frame, and piece of paper.  And the pillow is half done.  I've crocheted the top, I just need a back and some stuffing.

The birth announcement art was ordered just after she was born, and is probably my favorite thing in the nursery.  It's from Etsy seller Little Lion Studios.

And, much to my happiness, we finally got a rug for in there!  The room is carpeted, but the carpet is all  janky, so it needed a rug.  It just arrived Monday, and Ruby is obviously already a fan.

So, what's left?  Here's my to-do list.  For the accountability part.

*Finish the crocheted pillow for her chair.
*Make a slipcover for the ottoman (I already have the fabric, even!)
*Create Pinterest-inspired embroidery hoop art.
*Order and frame "Wild and Precious Life" art.
*Create a custom silhouette ala A Lovely Lark.
*Style the shelf over the changing table.
*Make a pennant banner for the shelf and/or a mobile for over the crib.
*Find a more attractive toy "bin" (maybe this one in either pink or yellow?).
*Find a place to display my childhood horse show ribbons (in colors that match the room, of course), and possibly add more equestrian accents.

So there you have it.  I need to get on it already.  And I know that with the holidays approaching, and a child that is a total velcro-baby, I'm kind of crazy to want to tackle it now, but if not now, when?  So I'm putting it out there.  If you don't see a nursery sometime soon, feel free to harass me about it, ok?  Because baby girl needs a nursery before she's not a baby anymore.

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  1. I LOVE that rug! I think I need it for my living room. Do you have a link?