Friday, December 7, 2012

Ruby's Christmas List

It's really hard for me to believe that it's December 7th already.  Christmas is coming!  Ruby's first!  I've been scurrying around like a good little Santa-mommy to make it wonderful (not that she really cares), though we don't even have a tree yet.  Don't worry.  Getting on that soon.

Anyway, I love lists, don't you?  I've been sitting back waiting for all of the other mommy-bloggers I read to show me their babies' lists, when I realized, Ruby really already has her own.  So here I am, sharing it with you.  You know, in case you also have an adorable 7 month old getting ready to have her first Christmas...

I'm too lazy to do links this time.  If you're terribly curious, leave a comment and I will find the link for you.

1.) B. Squeeze Blocks.  I've had my eye on these for a while because they're pretty, but Ruby also played with them at a friend's house and loved them.  Bonus: when she tips over, she won't break her little head on these bad boys.

2.)  Books!  Whenever people ask me what they can buy Ruby, if I must tell them something, it is usually books.  I've already bought her the first two.  Orla Kiely's Colors (this book is so hip, gorgeous, and well-made), and Indestructibles Plip Plop Pond.  Have you heard of these Indestructibles books?  Supposedly, they're... indestructible.  Yeah, duh.  But I guess babies can't rip the pages and you can wash them.  The other mommies peer-pressured me into this one, but the art is actually really beautiful. Finally, I really want her to have The Color Kittens.  My favorite Little Golden Book, she needs this just for my own nostalgia.

3.)  Boon Edgeless Saucer Stay-put Plates.  She needs a foodholder that can suction to her highchair tray, lest I want purees allllllll over my kitchen.  

4.)  Trumpette Lucy Socks.  I've been coveting these a while, and hope one of her grandparents want to foot the bill (haha, no pun intended) for these babies.  Ruby has one (non-trumpette) pair of bow socks like this, and they get compliments all the time.  But they're light pink, a color she rarely wears.  These socks are definitely her style.

5.)  Munchkin White Hot Duck Tub & Boon Bath Toys.  Ruby is a huge fan of baths.  And lately, she's really into playing in the bath (yay!).  It's kind of hard to play in a tiny infant tub, though.  Since little miss big girl can sit up now (but since I don't want to have to fill a huge, slippery tub every time), this ducky seems like a good idea.  Of course, she also needs something to play with in there.  She likes this foam-shape type of toy (she's tried some out at swimming).  I like the colors.  We got her some other pouring toys for the tub too.

6.)  B. Zany Zoo.  According to my internet research (blog reading), this toy is crack for babies 6-18mo.  Add in that it's made of wood and has no batteries or lights, and I was sold.  The plan is to keep this in the living room so that we can chill without having to constantly entertain the beast (errr, Ruby). I snagged this for cheap on Black Friday.  Go me.

7.)  Jammies, size 12mo.  We got her these adorable bird ones from the Children's Place.  But we also put out the call to the grandparents that she needs 12mo jammies.  Yes, she's still wearing the 6 month ones, but upon inspecting her larger-sized future wardrobe, I realized that she only has one pair of hand-me-down fleece jammies in 12mo.  She's going to need more eventually!

So there you have it, Ruby's Christmas wish list.  We'll probably add cute, small stuff to her stocking as well (eek!  I just got a call from the embroiderer that it's ready!), and I actually plan hope to make her a couple of homemade toys as well.  But really, she'll be happy just to play with the boxes and wrapping paper.  =)


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