Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

Whoops, I did it again.  Here's two weeks, since apparently I can't keep up!

December 16-22

Sunday:  Goofing around on the bed, as usual.  A Pinterest project - Ruby's first Christmas ornament.  Silly girl, after a bath.  Monday:  First snow of the season.  Playing blindfolded?  Chubby cheeks.  Tuesday:  As done as our tree was going to get.  My goober girl.  A ghost (we dig playing under blanket forts)!

Wednesday:  Silly toast-face girl.  Target shopping!  Having a lot of fun with the curling ribbon.  I got my first hair cut since August 9, 2011 (seriously).  Thursday:  Almond bark for our party at baby class. A festive group of babies.  Friday:  All prettied up in front of the Christmas tree.  Just a few of our Amazon boxes arrived...  Saturday:  Look what else Amazon delivered! ;)

December 23-29

Sunday:  Cuteness in a car seat.  Sitting in the "big girl" chair at breakfast!  A pretty wrapped white elephant gift to take to mom's night out.  Monday:  Jingle-Toots, the elf.  Making some sugar cookies.  Tuesday:  Opening her first Christmas stocking.  A little bit of white Christmas, heading over Tiger Mountain.  Trying to open presents early at Grandma C's house.  Checking out the tree at Grandma S's house.

Wednesday:  Good morning!  I guess she got hungry in the car?  Thursday:  Trying out some Cheerios.    A black bean goatee at our lunch playdate.  Friday:  Velcro-baby.  Some TJ's shopping.*  New shoes.  Saturday:  "Helping" with the laundry.  A finished nursery project!

*My mom works at a different TJ's store.  I'd texted her that picture, and she showed it around at work. Her manager told her to print it out, so that they could put it on their customer wall(?) because she is one cute customer!

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