Monday, December 17, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

Whoops!  I'm behind.  Again.  Ah, well, story of my life! =)

November 25-December 1

Sunday:  Looking very 50's.  Monday:  Yum, blankie.  Oh, you know, just eating toes.  Ebay came through with vintage Nutcracker ornaments - to replace ones my mom bought me as a child, but were since lost.  Tuesday:  Some adorable shoes (that were sadly still too big).  Crashed in the Beco in the Nordstrom shoe department.  Trying to eat a box (this happens a lot).  Wednesday:  Playing with her "beep beeps" in mommy's lap.  "Do I have something on my face?"

Thursday:  Patiently waiting for mommy to get blood drawn.  Trains are delicious.  Finally pieced the front of her stocking - ready for the embroiderer!  Friday:  Skipped swimming to take naps.  Having fun playing with toes...  Until she's totally done.  Going crazy with Sophie.  Saturday:  Toes are big around here.  Shopping for daddy's new work wardrobe.  

December 2-8

Sunday:  Eating Rudolph.  Dressed up for a coffee date.  It's really hard to eat apples without any teeth. Monday:  Went shopping with grandma - ended up with antlers.  New nursery rug!  Glittering ornaments after bedtime.  Tuesday:  New Christmas jammies!  Jumperoo fun.  "Heeeeeeyyyyyy!"

Wednesday:  Love those baby blues!  More fun with antlers.  Not really enjoying daddy-time...  Thursday:  Glares in the elevator.  Doggie kisses.  Friday:  The sequin bow arrived!  We picked up her stocking front from the embroiderer.  Saturday:  My walking buddy.  Mint & chocolate chip cookies in the works.

December 9-15

Sunday:  Yep, they're still funny.  The perfect Christmas tree.  Monday:  Making mischief.  Finally finished stocking.  Sweet potato face.  Attempting to crawl?  Tuesday:  A crying day.  "Weird, there's a paci in my mouth..."  Playing with her buddy.

Wednesday:  Riding the dog...  Post-epic pukefest in the kitchen (no point in going up to get a real outfit right before bathtime, lol).  Thursday:  Festive baby!  Starting her early with the Starbucks cups.  Toy sharing extravaganza!  Friday:  The only pic I took that day - I was too busy holding her tight, after the news of the Connecticut school shooting.  Saturday:  This dog puts up with a lot.  Waiting in line to see Santa!  Santa's reindeer flying through the mall.

Phew!  All caught up!

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