Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Baby is a Genius

Ok, what mother doesn't think that, right?

But I seriously need to write down what she did last night.  This kid is blowing me away with the smarts.

Please ignore what a mess our bed is.  Real life, people.

So last night, we're getting ready for bed.  I set Ruby down on our bed so that I could put my own pajamas on.  I like to get all comfy for our last nursing session of the night.  I give her her bedtime books so that she can check them out, and usually she "picks" one for me to read.

I'm all dressed, so I come sit down next to her.  She's looking at The Going to Bed Book, and she keeps doing what looks like scratching herself.  I'm like, what in the world is she doing...?  Then I notice that she's pointing at the picture of the animals in the tub (see below), then "scratching", then pointing, then "scratching" and so on.  And it hits me.

She's not scratching.  She's scrubbing.

When I read that book to her, when I read "scrub scrub scrub!", I pretend to scrub her.  And genius that she is, she remembers, so when she sees the animals in the tub, she scrub scrub scrubs!

Once I figured it out, I laughed and said, "scrub scrub scrub!" and she looked up at me, smiled, and "scrubbed".

The kid blows my socks off.

It's also worth noting, that these pictures weren't taken last night, but a few nights ago.  She's "reading" Llama Llama Nighty Night.  I took these pics because I wanted to remember that, while I never even noticed that Llama Llama has a rubber ducky in his tub, she certainly did, and she points it out every time she gets to that page.  Without fail.

My little smarty-pants.  What a big kid she is becoming.

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