Friday, May 31, 2013


Oh, hi blog.  Did you miss me?

I sure didn't mean to neglect you.  I wish I could say it won't happen again, but...  life.  It's been busy.

So what's new in G land?  Glad you asked!

*Ruby & I have been "helping" at our hospital Parent-Baby program, but we finally became official hospital volunteers!  Holy wow, the hospital makes you jump through a lot of hoops to do it though!  Immunization tests & screenings, interviews, background checks, readings and quizzes, multiple orientations.  But it's all done now, and we are official.

And how hilarious is our badge picture?

Yep.  Good old pointing Ruby.  When the time comes that we stop volunteering, we have to turn the badge back in to the hospital.  I'm kind of sad, because how great would that be for the baby book?  

*I got a "top secret" text from a friend/former coworker giving me a heads up that my (former) boss might be giving me a call.  Turns out he was right.  My old classroom suddenly became available for the next school year, and I was the first one offered the job!  As amazing as that was, I turned it down.  I hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the butt, but we had already decided I wasn't going back to work next school year, and I just couldn't see myself being ready that soon.  Which stinks, because who knows if that room will be available again, though my friend said he'd pull every string he could to get me back when I'm ready.  Love that.

*The weather here sucks, but we did manage to get a play date in at an awesome park on the one day it's been nice in the past couple of weeks!

*Ruby had an assessment done for potential developmental delay (gross motor) at an Early Intervention center.  That was a little bit hard for me, as a mama, but thanks to some pretty major milestones she decided to hit that same week, she didn't end up qualifying for E.I.  And O.  M.  G. the stuff she is doing now!  I think that needs a whole separate post.

I'm just going to throw in some random pics of the little one, that don't have anything to do with anything, mkay?

*I have been up to my EARS in car seat research, as Ruby has finally about maxed out her Chicco Keyfit infant seat.  If you know me in real life, you probably know that I am a little bit of a car seat safety nut.  I kind of think this also warrants it's own separate post, but lets just say that Ruby will be rear-facing forever, I spend way too much time on (and have the app!!!), and that I'm pretty sure I've finally made a decision on her next seat and will be ordering it within the week.  Phew.

*Also on the above topic?  My neighbors probably think I'm a creeper, because I definitely have peeked in the windows of at least one car to ogle some car seats.

*I have been doing so much sewing lately!  Maybe this is why the blog has taken a hit?  But, you guys, I LOVE my new machine so so much!  I resurrected a project that I started two(!) years ago.  It's a rainbow ticker-tape style quilt, that I hope will one day be on Ruby's big girl bed.  Each block looks like this:

Made from little scraps, all of the color of the outside of the block.  And there's 16 colors.  It's gonna be awesome!  And Ruby is very, very interested in playing with the finished blocks, so I think she will love it.  Also, I decided, to help motivate me to finish (I have SO many half-finished projects around here), I'm going to enter it in the county fair in August.  Aren't I just a little old lady? 

*My brother still hasn't given me the pics from Ruby's birthday, and I want them!!!  I'm trying to be cool about it though, because he's a super busy guy.  I just can't wait, though!

*This happened the other day:

Yep.  Those are dog bowls.  Luckily, that was the (empty) food bowl, not the water bowl.  Though she did stick her arm, long sleeves and all, into the water bowl yesterday and thought it was hilarious.

*Lately I've been feeling like I've finally got this mama thing figured out.  Of course, then Ruby goes and throws a wrench in that (usually with something sleep-related), but after a whole year, I finally kind of feel like I've got this.  Maybe it's her age.  Right now is pretty awesome.  Or maybe it just really takes that long to feel like you've got it, but life feels a lot more "normal" now, which is kind of a relief.  I'm starting to understand why people actually have kids two years apart, because this is the time that it feels like you can handle it.  Don't worry though, internets, I am SO not ready for another one!

"All gone?!?"

*Those rocks (above) are in front of our house, and they do make a pretty good backdrop.

*This is getting long, so I'll end with one more, kind of important thing.  I am a bad blogger!  Reader Becca very kindly pointed out that I may be unintentionally ignoring people who comment on here.  And I was!  Turns out Blogger is lame, and even though I reply to my comments, unless you all click back here, you don't know it.  The fix was simple: reply to the email that notifies me that I have comments.

Except I wasn't getting emails to notify me that I had comments.

I knew it was possible, but I had tried to figure out how to get Blogger to do that, and I never could!  In case you are like me, it is NOT under "posts and comments" like you would think it would be.  It's under the "mobile and email" settings.

Now that that's all fixed up, I can stop "ignoring" you all.  Weeeee!  Seriously, though, I am SO sorry.  Bad blogger, bad.

Moss is boss.


  1. I really like reading your blog! Keep it up. And your baby is adorable! I have an almost 14-month old daughter myself and was obsessed with the car seat thing too (we had a keyfit also!). Got the Peg Perego just recently and am happy with it. :) can't wait to read more!

  2. What new sewing machine did you get and would you recommend it and is it under $200?! I don't sew...yet, but I have big plans! And I love everything about your blog and your girl and your fun life :)