Saturday, May 4, 2013

She is One

Ruby is one.

Eating her birthday breakfast in cake pajamas.

My baby girl is all grown up!

Ok, not really, but she has now officially been on this earth for one whole year.  I can't believe it.  It was a long year that went by so fast.

We had a little party for our girl today.  I didn't take any pictures (ok, I think I took two, including the one above, with my phone).  But luckily, my brother is a pro, and he photographed the event for me.  When I get the pics back from him, I will share!  Let's just say, her party went as perfectly as it could have.  She spent the entire day yesterday with a 103 degree fever, but woke up miraculously better for her big day.  Took a great nap, in spite of us making a bunch of noise downstairs, we had amazing 80 degree weather, and she was a chipper, happy baby the whole time.

Finishing up her day playing with her new water table from the grandparents.

Happy Birthday, Ruby Jo.  We love you so much more than we can even say.

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