Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

Last week was AMAZING weather-wise.  We spent a ton of time outside, I learned how to put sunscreen on a baby (it's an art), and we explored our summer wardrobes.  The clouds and rain have come back now, so I can't wait for more weeks like this past one!

May 5-11

Sunday:  Ruby's party decorations were so festive, I kind of wanted to leave them up permanently.  We took this pic to send to Grandma (who gifted her the baby doll and stroller), and while she looks so big there, she totally bit it face-first right after this.  Sometimes, you just gotta nap.  Monday:  Summertime jams are so cute!  Yes, that says 93 degrees in my car - bring on summer!  Dropping the glasses and picking them up, over and over and over (and look at her cute little band-aid from her big girl arm shots that morning!).  Tuesday:  Strollin' in to the hospital for volunteering.  Picnic lunch on the hospital lawn between volunteering duties (is there anything cuter than a baby in a hat?).  And because it was so nice, we ate dinner outside on the deck, too!

Wednesday:  Big girl lunchies with a plate (Mr. G calls this lunch a homemade lunchable, because she had turkey, cheese, and fruit, haha).  We're getting this scrunchy cheese-face a lot.  Also, have I mentioned we LOVE our water table?  Thursday:  I got Ruby's cooties and had a horrible cold, so we skipped baby class and headed out east where the outlet malls are.  Ruby really enjoyed the baby in the mirror while I tried on some clothes at the Gap outlet.  More water table fun; the ducks are delicious!  Friday:  Nap time = Pinterest project time.  Shocker, she took a second nap in her crib, and I just about died from the cuteness of her little feet & hiney.  Saturday:  We set up the play tent I made her for her birthday (I will share some real pics of that soon!), and she is loving hanging out in there.  We took a walk to the new hospital by our house to go to Starbucks.*  I blame her pastiness on her dad.  We also went to one of her little buddy's birthday parties that night, but of course, I didn't take pictures.  Momfail.

*We live up on a plateau that is just exploding with development.  They're building a movie theater, a grocery store, a gas station, several restaurants, a stand alone Starbucks, a sporting goods store, and most importantly, a Home Goods.  All within walking distance of our house.  They also finished building a brand new hospital last year, and we recently discovered that it has a number of shops within it, including a Starbucks!  It's so weird going in there because it looks like you're in a mall, but then people walk by in scrubs, or are being pushed in a wheelchair.  This is not the same hospital that Ruby and I volunteer and go to baby class at, though I wish it were since it's only a couple miles away!

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