Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

You know what I love about this week?  It started with my birthday, and ended with Ruby's!

April 28 - May 4

Sunday:  I already spilled the beans about my big birthday (slash Mother's Day) present, but Mr. G also gifted me a Ruby Love baby book for my own little Ruby-love.  All fancied up for a trip to Home Depot!  Poor kid missed her nap (my fault), so she was a crank on the way home from my birthday dinner.  I sat in the back with her to read Fox in Socks.  Monday:  Snacks after a celebratory birthday breakfast at my dad's (his b-day is 3 days before mine, and Ruby's is 6 days after).  Absolutely lovely presents picked out by my step-mom were in that bag!  Tuesday:  More snacking, this time at our volunteer gig. My pretty little blue-eyed girl.  Wednesday:  Trying to pop my bubble (do you know how hard it is to take pictures of bubbles??)  Looking adorable in a pair of hand-me-down bermuda shorts.  Thank you Seattle, for amazing weather!

Thursday:  Loving on her mama.  She was really into all the trucks at baby class.  My favorite view.  Friday:  My poor little sickie, modeling her birthday hat.  Not too sick to be excited that Daddy pressure-washed the deck (I wouldn't even let her be on it before, it was so grimy/mildewy).  Saturday: Apparently diapers make a nice nest to snuggle into?  My sweet little birthday girl.  Cake smash (which really was just "cake frosting smear, ok, I'm bored of this").  A beautiful day to receive a water table.

Can I just say that washing the deck may have been the best present for any of us?  You can kind of see how nasty it was in Wednesday's photo with the bubble.  If we were out there, Ruby had to stay on a blanket, and she couldn't touch the railings because, you guys, they were green, not white.  Nasty.  I think it had been three years? since the deck was pressure washed, and it really needs it every season.  Washington is not kind to outdoor spaces.  But Mr. G now has a new friend who has a pressure washer we could borrow, and...  Wow.  We are all in LOVE with the deck!  Bring on summer, baby!

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