Friday, May 10, 2013


*As emotional as Ruby turning one was for me, I feel like a switch has flipped, and now I feel like I'm falling hardcore in love with her all over again, but this time it's toddler-Ruby instead of newborn-Ruby.  I didn't think I'd love the toddler stage as much as baby, but Ruby is really coming into her own these days and being such a kid, and I am actually loving it!

*On a less happy note, under the recommendation of our pediatrician, I made an appointment for Ruby to be evaluated at an Early Intervention center for gross motor delay.  I knew this was coming, and while I could tell the pedi was trying to be really sensitive/coddle me about it, I was actually ok with it at the time.  Still, it is HARD as a mama to feel like your child is behind.  Yes, she is smart as a whip, but other babies her age move.  She does not, and we are around a lot of other babies, so it's pretty hard to see the younger ones doing something she can't (but should be able to) do.


This funny-faced photo was taken a couple of days ago.  Right after little miss big girl pulled HERSELF up to stand at her water table!  Finally, at 12mo4days old, she can pull up.  She did it countless times afterward (enjoying dropping her boat, sitting down to pick it up, throwing it up into the water, then standing to look at it).  She's also able to pull up on her crib, too, so I know it's not just a fluke.  She still does not crawl, cruise, or walk with assistance like most other babies her age though.

*That water table is probably the best toy we've ever owned.  We have played with it several times a day since her birthday.

*Part of the reason the water table is so awesome is because it has been amazing weather-wise here!!!  70's-80's every day.  It's like summer, and I am in love.  Of course, it's still May, and we're going back to rain next week, but still.  LOVE.

*I don't love that Ruby gave me her cooties, so I've been suffering through this glorious sunshine with the worst cold I can remember having.  We're still nursing, so I can't drug myself into oblivion until it's over, either.

*Speaking of nursing, I didn't put this in her 12mo post, but probably should have.  I am insanely proud of the fact that we made it to a year without Ruby ever having to take a drop of formula.  It was a goal of mine from the beginning, was almost thwarted immediately, but we fought on, wasn't always fun or easy, but we DID IT.  Sadly, I probably need to put a disclaimer here that this is not a knock on anyone who chose a different path than we did.  This is about me accomplishing my goal.  And to continue along with that theme, I'm immensely proud also that we never did any type of sleep training/CIO with her either.  I feel really strongly about that, and I am glad that societal pressure never swayed me. 

*I read this post the other day, and I just love love love it.  Especially the part at the end about concealer and chocolate.  I've read Sarah's blog for years, and now that I am a mother, I treasure it even more.  She is SO wise, as well she should be having 6 kids!  We all have a lot to learn from her.  Plus, she has the cutest house and the best granola recipe.

*I finally got a pair of colored skinny jeans the other day.  I've only wanted some for the last year.  I could never find any that fit my post-baby body right, though, until yesterday.  Thank you, Gap Outlet.

*I also finally used my new sewing machine for the first time.  That thing is a dream!  This morning I whipped up a little drawstring bag to hold a birthday present I made for one of Ruby's little friends.  I'd made a similar bag for another of her buddies, and let me just say that it was SO much more enjoyable to do on my new machine.  I didn't really think I'd see much difference on something as simple as a little bag, but it is that much better.  There's so much stuff I want to make now, if only I had the time!  Perhaps this quilt (minus the ruffles & in different colors) for Ruby to sleep under, now that she's all grown up?

*My "Crafty Stuff" board on Pinterest has 292 pins.  I need to get on making some of that stuff.

*I recently read Ender's Game for the first time (though a friend of mine has been trying to get me to read it for a couple years, I just haven't had time!).  I love me a good dystopian society.  Which is funny, because if we really had a dystopian society, I'd probably be the first to go, with my lack of survival skills and refusal to eat meat off of bones.  Still, I'm excited to see the movie this fall, especially since a new theater is opening up in walking distance from our house!

Aaaaaand, I think that's enough random for you.  Time to go cross some things off my to-do list before the little lady wakes up from her nap!

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