Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ruby, Age One

Yep, I jumped on this Pinterest bandwagon and made a little "birthday stats" picture.

There are SO many great ideas for documenting milestones out there.  I feel like this is one I could actually keep up with, and would be so cute to look back on when she's all grown up.  I don't have Photoshop, or anything fancy like that, just made it in PicMonkey.

And in case anyone is wondering, yes, she has WAY more outfits than just this one.  I just am hopelessly in love with that mint hoodie, and will be SO sad when she outgrows it.  Are other people like that?  I'm seriously going to mourn the loss of that adorable hoodie.  And I can't go buy it in other sizes, because it's a Circo 9mo one, and Target stops their "baby" clothes at 9mo.  And they didn't make a toddler one! =(  Cry.

Ok, moving on.  Anyone have any other fave ways of documenting milestones?

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