Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week(s) in iPhone Pictures

Yep, still playing catch-up!

May 12-18

Sunday:  A bit of light reading in the highchair.  It was supposed to rain all day, but it didn't, so snacks on the deck!  Monday:  Waiting for Grandma.  Post nappy happies.  Wouldn't you love to snuggle up in a tent on a faux sheepskin rug?  Tuesday:  That HAIR!  Helping to volunteer by reading the lost and found books.  Waiting for Dada to come come!  This is what I get for baking her a sweet potato...

Wednesday:  She likes to put her cups in the cupholders now.  Quick trip to BRU to return a too-small b-day present.  Thursday:  Our very last day as attendees at Parent-Baby class (she looks so sad, but she was happy when they sang the graduation song to her!).  Taking out all our shoes - a favorite pastime.  Friday:  Reading Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?  A trip to Target yielded this adorable lady-octopus sippy!  She looks so cute in just a diaper...  Saturday:  The obsession with appliances continues.  Mr. G was out of town, which meant dog-walking duty with the baby... in that weather!

May 19-25

Sunday:  A little Sunday drummin'.  Reading my car manual for my carseat research, and found this!  Love that Volvo has been recommending rear-facing to 4 years old for a long time (my car is a 2007)!  Monday:  I came in to get her from her nap and found her standing!  Um, 15 miles to empty tank is cutting it pretty close...  A fun day at the park with her buddies.  Tuesday:  Little squish-face was all worn out from her E.I. eval.  She requests this ducky towel every time it is clean.  Wednesday:  Grandma came to play.  My little bunny in her tent.

Thursday:  The giant #1 balloon we got for Ruby's birthday is still going strong... on our 2-story living room ceiling.  Not sure how this voluntary head-slumping is even possible in an infant seat!  Uh-oh, time to babyproof the bathroom!  Friday:  Playing with the quilt blocks.  Meanwhile, I make another one!  We had to stop at Joann's for some more thread on our way home from our volunteer luncheon.  Pointing out birds on a "family walk" (that's what we call it when Dada can come too).  Saturday:  Considering taking a walk with her alligators (spoiler alert: no walking actually happened).  "Hey doggie, come back in here and play with me!".

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