Monday, June 3, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

May 26-June 1

Sunday:  We did the American thing, and took Ruby to her first baseball game!  We squeezed her into the 3-6mo Mariners sweatshirt Mr. G got for her before she was born (it was a little tight in the belly, but basically fit).  My front-row view with my girl.  No one was sitting beside us, so we let her try a big-girl seat, which she loved.  Monday:  Surprise surprise, someone found the dryer.  Ruby is crawling!!!!!  Tuesday:  Somehow she accidentally slid herself mechanic-style under the dishwasher, and was very confused about it!  Busy busy busy, crawling down the hall after our volunteer partner Patty (because she had yoga balls, Ruby wanted them baaaaad).  Modeling her free shades she got at the M's game.

Wednesday:  Baby midriff!  She hugs her stuffed animals now and it is so. freaking. cute.  Thursday:  Sass in the driveway.  "Doggie, I can't reach you up there!"  Friday:  I now have lots of blurry crawling pictures!  Somebody was having a really good time in the swing.  But was a little bit miffed that I wouldn't let her empty the grocery bags at Trader Joe's.  Saturday:  Peanut butter is a go!  She hugged her pony, then placed it into the seat of her little play stroller.  I was so impressed that she figured out it could sit in there like her baby doll!

Side note:  My reusable grocery bags in the TJ picture?  Yeah, they're a must in our town.  It's now illegal for stores to give away plastic grocery bags (except for the produce and meat ones).  And they have to charge you to "buy" paper bags if you don't bring your own.  Honestly, I think it's kind of cool.  Way to be green, mytown!  There were some people petitioning outside of Target one day to change the law, which I think it pretty silly.  Reusable bags for the win.  My black & white one is from Ikea, and it holds 2-3 regular paper grocery bags worth of stuff.  Love it!

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