Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

June 2-8

Sunday:  First time eating a banana like a big girl - she actually took bites out of something!  We met up with my dad & stepmom for lunch, then hung out at a local park afterward.  Our evening family walk.  Monday:  I love this little "lookout" in our neighborhood, especially when the lupine is in bloom.  Blowing bubbles with Grandma (dang, my mom is tan already!).  Somebody wouldn't take an afternoon nap, but desperately needed one, so we hopped in the car to explore the neighborhood.  Side note - my neighborhood is huge (about 4,000 homes), and there are still parts I've never seen after living here for 5 years.  Also, I was stopped when I took that pic - no driving while taking pictures!  Tuesday:  Trying to abuse her poor doggie (please note the shoe & empty kleenex box, favorite "toys" ever...).  Crawling down the hall while on volunteer duty.  A picture so full of sass, I just don't even know what to do with her.

Wednesday:  An unsuccessful Michael's trip.  How hot my car thought it was after our much more successful Joann's trip.  She always puts the ducks here, so we've dubbed it the "duck wash".  Thursday:  Playing with dumpy on the deck.  Waiting for her buddy to arrive for a playdate.  Friday:  We had our 13mo photoshoot (yes, the 13 month post is a halfway finished draft right now...).  More of that unbelievable sass.  Saturday:  We'd been on the go all afternoon, so she ate her snack at Costco.  Little Miss wanted desperately to be able to climb up those stairs and get me.

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