Monday, June 17, 2013

Week in iPhone Pictures

June 9-15

Sunday:  Looking at pictures (of herself) on Auntie Ting's phone while at breakfast.  Impromptu hike = first back carry in the Beco!  Aaaaand I think we'll call it a success.  Too bad she slept through our black bear cub sighting (we saw three little bears!).  Monday:  Heading in to do a big Target shop.  Getting ready for an afternoon stroll.  Daddy had an early enough softball game for Ruby to be able to go watch.  Tuesday:  Who needs crib bumpers, anyway?  We discovered yet another play area at the hospital, this time on 5-Blue.  Ruby pulled down this pillow and pretended to go ni-night.  She actually sat up before I got the phone out, so I said, "Hey!  Do that again!" and she did!

Wednesday:  Trying to wear Mama's glasses.  Lovin' on her cloth diapers.  And hugging the dog (she was in a very huggy mood that day).  Thursday:  The only pic I took, and it's one of her throwing her food off of her tray...  Friday:  Got Ruby's one year old handprint back, and was trying to decide how to hang it with her 5 week one (look at the difference!).  I went to a Dr. appointment and came home to find a baby in just a shirt and diaper, getting into everything.  Saturday:  Trying to mooch some Cheerios (even though she'd just eaten).  Iced coffee with coffee cubes!  Party girl, striking a pose (we were at a suprise 39.5 birthday party for Mr. G's friend - 39.5 because his wife knew she'd never be able to surprise him on his actual 40th!).

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