Thursday, July 5, 2012

Embrace the Camera

It's no lie, I hate having my picture taken.  Add in post-pregnancy weight to lose, and it's down right torture.  But I stumbled across Emily's Embrace the Camera posts.  She started them for her kids, every week making sure to take some time out to be in pictures with her kids so that they have them to look back upon one day.  How cool is that?

So for my Ruby, I will do it.  I actually meant to have Keith take some pics of us yesterday when she was all dressed up for the holiday, but, well, it was hard enough getting pics of just her.  She was quite the grouch-baby yesterday, and is today as well.  Which explains our poor quality iphone pictures.  In most of our self-portraits, she's screaming.

Like this one.

Oh, Rubes.  I love you, even if you are the grouchiest of little girls.  Camera, consider yourself embraced.


  1. I love the name Ruby! If I'd had a girl that would have been her name :) Cute pictures, way to go for not having bed-head hair and pj's on. I'm fairly certain I never looked that good when my babies were two months!

  2. visiting from embrace the camera...i love the name Ruby too.. AND as for crabby baby pics, one day that sweet Ruby will be too big to hold and kiss like that, enjoy it (even if it is a crabby moment)

  3. Thanks for visiting, ladies!
    Heidi - showering keeps me sane. =)
    Kate - I try to enjoy every snuggle & not think about that day where she doesn't want to anymore.