Thursday, July 12, 2012

Embrace the Camera

I am failing hardcore at getting "real" pictures of myself & my girl. =( But we did take a lot of iPhone pictures yesterday, and she's taking a great nap right now, so it may be my only chance to make a post! This is kind of like a day in my life, via iPhone.

In the morning, Ruby woke up feeling MUCH better than the day before. Lets just say 2 month shots? Yeah, they suck. Poor baby. All better now though, and ready for a donut date with our friend Julie!

Since it was 7-11, we wanted to get out and find a 7-11 store to get a free Slurpee. I don't think I've even had a Slurpee since high school. I asked Keith if he knew where one was, and he told me North Bend. North Bend? GREAT! There just so happens to be a Carter's store there!

So off we went to NB, and lo and behold, what did we find in the Carter's store (for $2.99 no less)?

Obviously she had to have that. I couldn't believe I found something with her name on it! Then again, I was kind of sad because that means her name is getting popular. Something I really wanted to avoid, being a Jennifer in the 80's.

Anyway, we left Carter's, and I whipped out my phone to find the address of the 7-11.  Yeah...  There is no 7-11 in North Bend.  Rubes and I were sad.

So we went home with no Slurpees.  Somebody preferred a clean diaper and some milk to Slurpees anyway, so it was happy times again!

We decided to try tummy time on the Boppy.  This girl, she does not love her tummy time.  On the floor, that is.  It turns out, tummy time on Boppy = success!  A happy baby, showing off how big and strong she's getting!

Pretty soon it was time for Daddy to come home.  You'd think they were doing something cute like read a book or something, but no, they are watching me fold her laundry.  He doesn't know I took this picture.  In fact, he specifically told me not to take his picture, and thought I was just getting Ruby.  I told him he needed to embrace the camera so that she has pictures of her with her daddy to look back on.  He said maybe some other day.  I decided the day was now!  Oops! =)

Pretty soon after that we strapped into the stroller and took Braidy for a walk around the neighborhood.  Both my phone and camera were left at home, so no pictures of that, and once we were back, it was bed time for little girls!

So there you have it.  A day in our life (barely) embracing the camera.  I've got to get better at this.


  1. Such a sweet girl. I love her name! It is always on our list of names if we ever have another girl. -Alexis @

  2. Such a sweet post! My littlest seems to hate tummy time too, maybe I should invest in a boppy! :)

  3. Aw, thank you, ladies!
    Momma B, you should definitely get one. It has many, many uses (in fact, I rarely even use it for nursing!).