Thursday, July 26, 2012

Embrace the Camera

Before I embrace the camera today, lets just take a peek at how funny this picture of Ruby and Keith is:

It's like she's saying, "Um, Mom, a little help here please?"  And yes, my child is wearing "jeans" and a long sleeved onesie at the end of July.  Welcome to Washington.  Anyway...

My mom came over today, and I intended to have her take pictures of Ruby and I, but... she was sleeping most of the time!  Mom was a little bit sad, but miss grouchy-pants needed that nap.

Things have been going a little bit better on the sleep front.  Yesterday she actually slept IN HER CAR SEAT for an hour during baby class.  I couldn't believe it.  Then she slept from bedtime until, well, until about midnight because she'd busted her swaddle, but I was able to wrap her back up and she slept until 4:00 like normal.  Then after that, she slept until just before 9:00.  She woke up happy, just "talking" to herself in her crib until I came in to get her.  Which took a little while, because I was dead.

No, not actually, but I was so.freaking.tired.  See, Ruby is not the only one that hasn't been sleeping.  I've been having really poorly timed insomnia.  I usually have a lot of trouble getting back to sleep after I feed her.  Yesterday after her 4:00am feeding, I never made it back to sleep.  Barf.

I'm usually the one that puts her to bed, but she was still awake and grouchy when she finished nursing.  I was so tired, I couldn't deal.  Keith took her to her room and bounced her on the yoga ball for what he said was an hour.  It was probably about half that, but I don't even know because I fell asleep instantly.

So, here we are, embracing the camera with the only picture I took today where you couldn't see the massive dark circles under my eyes.  And trust, I made Ruby endure many a iPhone self-portrait this afternoon.  Pretty much any room we were in in the house, we took some pictures.  This is the only one I got.

I feel like I'm always making excuses for not doing a better job at embracing the camera.  But hey, at least it's happening!


  1. To have any photos at all while you are existing on little to no sleep is a miracle in and of itself! Be kind to yourself :)

  2. Thanks Jen, you're absolutely right!