Tuesday, July 3, 2012


... she has a lot of them.

When Ruby was in my belly, she had one nickname, and one only.  Freebie.  I remember calling her that in front of my coworker, Laurel, and it drove her nuts.  She said that was a terrible nickname for a child, and I kind of agree (but it is a great name for a fetus!).  I hoped she'd earn her own nicknames once she was an outside baby.  Boy has she ever.

These photos have nothing to do with this post, but isn't she cute??

Already we call her:

*Rubes - this one's a given.  I actually hated it at first, but it has definitely grown on me.

*Rubes McGoobs

*McGoobs or just Goobs - clearly a spin off of the above.

*Toots McGoots - apparently we like McNicknames.  Also, she is a seriously gassy baby!


It's worth mentioning that I hate safari animals or cartoony crap for babies.  So I didn't buy this outfit for her, BUT, wouldn't you know it?  These are some great pics of her.


*Groucher or Little Groucher - these two stem from that fact that, well, she's crabby!

*Little One


*Babes or Baby

Swingin' those fists of goodness.

*Rubik's Cube or Rubes Cubes

*Rhubarb Pie

ETA: I thought of another one!!!  "Baby Bird"  We call her that because when she's hungry, she makes a little beak with her lips and opens and closes them.  Ah, my little Baby Bird. =)

And the list, I'm sure, will go on.  In fact, I didn't know the proper spelling of Rubik's Cube, so I googled it.  As I was typing it in, up popped suggestions and there was one we hadn't thought of yet.  Rubicon.  Maybe not the best nickname, but who knows what will come out of our mouths.  She's been called "Ruby-doo" (like Scooby-doo) by some family members, but for some reason that one really bugs me.  So we don't call her that.

I pooh-pooh your Ruby-doo nickname!

At our parent-baby class last week, the guest presenter asked if any of our babies recognize and respond to their own names yet.  As I shook my head "no", I thought to myself, how could she?  We call her a different name every time we talk to her!  Poor kid.

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